All Luggage and Travel

All luggage and travel items, whether for short jaunts or extended trips, should be able to give you the functions and performance that you require. For luggage and bags, you may want to choose them according to their durability, convenience, extra features and perhaps most importantly, the right capacity to contain all of the stuff that you need to pack with you for the trip. Other travel items that may also be useful to you when traveling may include cosmetic bags, toiletry cases, jewelry portfolio, multipurpose pouches, passport holders and luggage tags. Having the right luggage and travel items that you need for your journey is a good way to start a convenient and pleasant trip.

At Pottery Barn, we have a fine selection of luggage and travel items that will suit most or all of your requirements for either short or long trips. Our luggage offerings, for instance, come in hard- of soft-side types, and in small carry-on sizes or in larger capacities for packing for longer getaways. Hard-side or hard-shell luggage are your best bets if you want optimum protection for your important stuff, such as fragile souvenir items or antiques, laptops and other high-value electronics like digital cameras and lenses. If you are on a cruise or a tropical island trip, hard-shell luggage also offers better protection from sprays and splashes of seawater, which can be a blessing, especially if you usually bring tech items with you.

Soft-side or soft-shell luggage includes features that may be useful for you for certain types of trips. For example, most soft-shell luggage has exterior pockets, which come in handy for packing items that you may want to have quick access to, such as diapers, reading glasses or your device chargers. Packing your clothes and other stuff in soft-shell luggage is relatively easier because the high-denier fabric has a bit more give for that extra pair of pants or your favorite beach towel. The give in soft-shell luggage also allows it to absorb impacts from drops and rough handling, leaving little to no marks on its surface.

Our carry-on and regular luggage selections are available in various designs with matching styles for both sizes on both our hard-shell and soft-shell offerings. The average dimensions of our regular luggage are around 30 inches high, 21 inches wide and 12 inches deep, and the weight is 10 pounds for soft-shell types and a little more than 8 pounds for hard shells. Our carry-on luggage offerings have an average size of 21 inches high, 15 inches wide and 8 inches deep. While the height and width of our carry-ons comply with most major airline limits for such luggage, note that some airlines may have different standards for carry-on bags. Among the other features of our luggage include sturdy telescopic handles and spinner wheels for extra maneuverability.

For short overnight or two-day trips, weekender bags are also available. As their name imply, these bags are just the right size for quick jaunts, which make them convenient to carry. The bags are available in different designs with either canvas or leather as the primary material, and some are parts of a set along with spinner luggage, cosmetic bags, toiletry cases and totes. If you are going on a trip to the beach or the water park, wet and dry bags can be very useful for packing your wet towels or swimwear. Our wet and dry bags have waterproof inner linings to keep everything else in your tote bag dry.

For your travels abroad, some of our other travel accessories provide you more convenience and help you organize your luggage even better. Our passport holder, for instance, has extra pockets where you can store important travel documents, emergency numbers that you have written down, cash and identification cards. Luggage tags save you the trouble of confusing your bags with someone else’s. Monogramming services are available for some of our luggage tag and passport holder offerings.