All Mirrors

Use mirrors throughout your home as a design addition as well as for practical functionality. Every room benefits from having a mirror in one way or another, so consider the room size and use when making your choice. At Pottery Barn, we offer plenty of mirror styles so you can be confident you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s a wall-mounted or floor mirror, has a decorative frame or frameless design, is tilted or combines storage.

Most commonly, mirrors are wall-mounted. In a spacious room, a large mirror opens it up even more, reflecting the natural light and features of the room. A mirror can actually make a small room appear bigger too. Use one in a small entryway to give the illusion of a bigger space when greeting guests. It’s also a great way to check out how you look on your way in and out of the front door.

A full length mirror in the bedroom gives you a proper look at an outfit when trying it on. Make sure it’s near a window to benefit from the natural light. This design lets you turn around and see everything clearly from top to bottom. If you have the floor space, consider a floor mirror. This includes a decorative stand holding a mirror. The freestanding mirror often has the ability to tilt, giving you a much better angle from which to see your reflection. Choose a decorative frame or frameless beveled mirror to suit your taste. Floor mirrors have an elegant design that adds a special touch to a bedroom.

Another mirror to consider in your bedroom is a vanity mirror. You already know your outfit looks great so it’s time to complete your look. Placed on top of your dresser or vanity, the trifold design lets you see your features from every angle. Did you ever consider combining your mirror with storage? A clever way to keep your jewelry safe and secure is in a jewelry mirror. It looks just like any other wall-mounted mirror but the side pulls out or the front opens up to reveal hidden compartments inside. The interior has hooks and compartments for all your precious trinkets, and locks securely when not in use.

An entryway organizer is another handy way to combine a mirror with storage. A wall-mounted unit that consists of a mirror above drawers opens up the room while providing storage space to keep the room tidy. This is particularly important for an entryway as this is the first room guests see when entering your home. A row of hooks underneath is ideal for hanging your bag or pet’s leash. In a larger room where you have enough floor space to accommodate storage cabinets or shelves, just go for the mirror and hooks option.

A mirror in your bathroom is a necessity. Choose a moisture-resistant design and go for a pivoted mirror if you want to be able to tilt it to the perfect angle. For a large bathroom with two adjacent sinks, a double-width mirror hangs directly across the top of the units giving you both a clear view. Don’t forget your outdoor shower area. If you have a shower station outside, you won’t know how you managed without an outdoor shower mirror shelf. The framed mirror has a shelf to hold your shower products and a convenient rail underneath is handy for hanging your towel on.

The stairs are often a forgotten part of the home when it comes to considering decor. Instead of thinking of them as merely a way to get from one level to the next, perhaps it’s time to highlight them as a feature. Go for a trio of round mirrors with wide molded frames and stagger them in a line along the staircase. This gives the aesthetically pleasing impression of portholes. Or add a single mirror with a highly decorative frame to catch everyone’s eye as they walk by. A mirror frame that resembles a burst of sun adds texture and cheer to a space, while layered capiz shells are elegant and shimmer in the light. Mirrors don’t just show your reflection, they reflect your personality, so choose what you like most when decorating your home to create the perfect atmosphere.