All Pillows, Throws & Slipcovers

Most gourmet meals consist of more than one or two ingredients. They often masterfully combine fresh herbs and spices, a protein or two, delicious veggies and perhaps even a sauce containing a splash of wine. All of the elements work together to create something that drives your taste buds insane with happiness. Something similar happens with the various decorative pieces in your room. Little by little you catch sight of additional layers of beauty and you can’t stop looking all around the room at the richly expressed arrangement. All pillows, throws and slipcovers work together to make your design vision come to life. They create both visual excitement and a well-defined ambience. Looking for some awesome ideas on how to maximize the effect of your accent pillows and throws? At Pottery Barn, we have some tips for you.

Decorative pillows and throws cooperate with the rest of the decor in the space – such as an exotic Persian rug, artwork and light fixtures – to determine its vibe. That’s great because it means that complementing an existing theme isn’t difficult at all. And if you want to vary your room’s feel from season to season, it’s often as simple as switching out a few pillows and maybe a rug.

Want to create a living room with tons of luxury and a hint of vintage? Think luster. Velvet pillows are your friends here. Deep tones convey a sense of 1920s-inspired elegance and extravagance. Look for decorative pillows and throws with golden tassels and other intricate details so they really stand out. Embroidered designs are another great way to capture the emotion of a Gatsby-style entertaining space. Metallic elements around the room – from floor lamps and chandeliers to brilliant mirrors – complete a lavish theme.

French chic also features elegance, but in a more fashionable and even playful way. What kind of decorative pillows, slipcovers and throws fit here? Well, imagine your favorite runway dresses and designer prints. Then infuse those same aspects into your living room, bedroom or outdoor space. The effect is the same: leaving everyone around you with a jaw hanging open in admiration. Patterns are very Paris. Polka dots, embroidered florals, striking stripes, geometric tiling and bold motifs all make a gorgeous first impression. Take extravagance to the max with a faux fur throw. If your accent sofa has chic details too, like a tufted backrest or metal studs, the effect is even stronger.

What about neutral living rooms or bedrooms? Well, there are a few great design options that work. If you want to keep the entire space neutral, choose white, gray or soft pastels when selecting accent pillows and throws. But won’t they get lost in the crowd then? Not at all. The idea is to focus on textures instead of tones only. Marry a few solid pillows with embroidered slipcovers, textured jacquard surfaces and ivory faux fur or sheepskin. A knit throw gives the room an especially warm and inviting ambience.

Another way to add tons of beauty to neutral rooms is with a few bold pops of color. Decorative pillows and throws excel at this. Vibrant shades like navy blue, lime green, bright yellow or red are very exciting. Or you can use a more subtle contrast with melon or violet. It’s a lot of fun to create multicolor palettes using complementary, split-complementary or analogous tones. There are endless possibilities.

How many pillows should you place on a sofa or sectional? That’s totally up to you and depends on the kind of ambience you want to create. Filling an entire sofa with large pillows is a popular way make the room feel comfy and laidback. Traditional designs often look good with mirrored pairs, like one large and one small pillow on each end of a couch. With modern styles, odd numbers reign supreme. And they don’t even need to be distributed evenly, three pillows on one side and two on the other makes a great artistic statement, especially with a folded throw hanging from the opposite arm. Bottom line? Have some fun and go with what looks best to you.