All Wall Organization

Organizing your home should be as much about the visual appeal as it is opening up usable space around the room. A wall organization plan accomplishes both tasks and can be an enjoyable process from start to finish. From displaying precious framed photographs of loved ones to showcasing decorative accents that put the finishing touches on a room design, there are plenty of wall organization options out there. At Pottery Barn, we offer everything you need to create the wall organization plan that works best in each room throughout your home.

Keeping life on track is easy when using pinboards and chalkboards in your wall organization plan. Whether you live in a home with many different schedules, you’re maintaining a home office or flying solo, pinboards and chalkboards give you the ability to keep your memos and important information organized and close at hand. Having different sizes and styles of pinboards and chalkboards available to you provides the right products to fit your specific wall organization design plans.

Shelves and ledges fit well into many wall organization designs. Accenting treasured photos, keepsakes or decorative pieces is accomplished when placing the shelves and ledges within a room. Dressing up bare walls or bringing together an entire theme of a room, there is no limit to what you can create when placing shelves and ledges within your wall organization plan. When focusing on a specific theme within a room, the use of shelves and ledges highlights decorative accents that put the finishing touches on your room design. When changing the design of a room, the shelves and decorative ledges can be easily repositioned to accommodate the new look you are working to achieve.

Incorporating decorative racks and hooks for wall organization gives you the ideal place for storing everything from car keys to storage baskets. Uncluttering entryways is never a problem when placing decorative racks and hooks on the wall for holding coats, hats, mittens and umbrellas for safe keeping. Using concealed bin decorative racks in bedrooms offers added security and wall organization for jewelry and precious heirlooms. The durable design of the decorative racks and hooks give you the comfort of knowing the weight of even heavier objects is handled.

Preventing tripping and slip and fall hazards around the home is achievable with shoe racks. Positioning benches with bottom level shoe racks makes them easy for both children and adults to utilize. From wet rain boots to slushy snow boots, you have the prime place for drying out footwear between uses. The decorative benches sit well against any wall and dress up the look of the room.

Creating a cohesive look for your wall organization plan is easy with complete wall organizations systems. Entire wall organization collections can be positioned throughout a single room or used in various rooms throughout your home. Wall organization systems consist of pieces such as chalkboards, storage bins, shelves, rolling cards, shoe racks and decorative racks that share the same designs right down to the finish. Choose from specific manufacturers or room options where the wall organization system will be placed.

Whatever type of wall organization system you opt for, you are sure to be pleased with the finished results. Gaining the extra space and opening up a room creates a more inviting atmosphere and provides a look and feel of comfort throughout the area. Getting the most out of your complete wall organization plan means selecting the pieces that work for your needs. Keeping the kitchen clutter-free or having the laundry room work for you, your life will be much more organized when your wall organization plan comes together.