A beautiful piece of wall art can brighten up the dreariest room and this form of decorative art truly makes a statement about the personality and style of the person who inhabits that space. Choose your art print that will speak to your personality and the look of the space you are decorating. Black and white art prints can soften the look of a room, while abstract and modern style prints can add color and life to a room. Fine art is very personal, so have some fun and splash your walls with prints.


Quality artwork can be found on both print and canvas mediums, but the medium you choose should be determined by budget and desired effect of the image on your home decor. Before you start shopping for a piece of fine art to adorn the walls of your home, read on to learn more about the options you'll find on these two art mediums.



Art prints are images produced on poster paper that retain color well but lack the depth and texture of an image printed on canvas. They are an excellent and affordable choice for a variety of images that you may wish to hang in your home or office. You can find great reproductions of museum quality pieces on paper. For example, if you admire a Van Gogh painting but are not Warren Buffet, a quality abstract print can replicate the charm of "A Starry Night" in your home at a fraction of the cost. You will also find a variety of prints featuring sports memorabilia, black and white photographs, modern art, even a collage of different images compiled from a computer. Framed prints can add color and style to any room and are a great choice for budget-conscious art lovers.




Canvas prints tend to be more the more expensive wall art medium so its important to select a favorite image to invest in. Almost any image can be printed directly onto canvas but the detail may not be as sharp as paper. Hand-painted original art, done on canvas using oil or acrylic paints, have a richness of depth and texture unmatched by paper. Abstract, floral, landscapes, and portraits tend to be common subjects for this medium. A framed canvas truly adds a note of prestige to the room, and signifies the importance of its subject matter to the owner.


Hand over the keys to your house because with the wonderful decorative art you have added to your home, you are on museum status. Art in your home doesn't have to cost a lot or be vintage. Take your child's hand-painted pieces, frame them and look at your walls shine.