Boxes and Trays

Whether looking for practicality or decorative accents, you can have the best of both worlds by adding boxes and trays in your home. At Pottery Barn, we have a whole host of trays and boxes to suit your every need, from serving food and drinks to guests, carrying dishes and glassware to the table, eating on your lap, being part of a room’s decor and showcasing items while keeping them neatly stored away.

Get your day off to a great start as you enjoy breakfast in bed. A painted wood tray has a fresh look that’s perfect as you wake up gently. A raised edge allows for a decorative pattern and stops your utensils from sliding off and onto your bedding. The water resistant material is durable and capable of withstanding hot plates. Legs keep your tray upright while you’re sitting up in bed but can collapse neatly underneath when not in use for easy storage. A more traditional design to create a relaxed mood first thing in the morning is a wood tray that encompasses a woven rattan basket, which has a summery appeal. A lower front to the rest of the raised edges makes eating your breakfast convenient while relaxing.

Galvanized trays look great in both modern and traditional surroundings. Choose from shallow or deep designs, rounded or straight edges, stackable or display trays depending on your needs. A handmade galvanized tray with handles makes it easy for you to carry objects around. A small galvanized tray is just big enough to carry a few drinks or use to eat a snack on your lap. Raised sides prevent items from falling off. When not in use, stack it neatly inside larger trays from the same collection.

Patterned trays are incredibly decorative and are just as pretty used on their own or with a few select objects placed on top. A hand hammered aluminum tray with an antique silver finish adds texture to a space and has a modern edge. An unusual material for a tray is cement, but the modern shape combined with raised, traditional patterning has a striking effect, and the tray can be used both indoors and outdoors. An etched brass tray suits more traditional surroundings and complements a dark wood coffee table while a silver hammered tray looks at home on lighter wood or rattan surfaces. Pop a small vase of colorful flowers on top for a cheerful display. Add a splash of color to a room with a dynamic resin tray, which has bold coloring and patterning for a stunning effect. Perfect as a gift, why not monogram the center of the tray as a special touch?

A woven rattan tray has a relaxed, summery feel about it and a weathered look gives it extra charm. Use it when entertaining outside or for a picnic. Enjoy a meal while relaxing on your couch using a tray on a stand. Able to withstand hot dishes, the tray can be removed from the stand if you prefer it directly on your lap and a stand generally has folding legs for convenient storage.

Mirrored trays have a glamorous appeal that is complemented by brass edging. Whether you prefer raised patterned sides, gently curved handles or intricate designs with an antique finish, these trays look elegant on any coffee table or vanity.

A quote tray brings a smile to your face and is ideal for keeping keys together by the front door, holding jewelry on your vanity or as an individual design piece on your coffee table. A glass display tray with an embossed-steel frame is a beautiful addition to a room. An antique silver or gold finish is elegant and a monogram makes it even more special.

Showcase your special keepsakes in a beveled glass display box. A mirrored floor reflects your precious items, and a hinged lid lets you arrange them artfully inside. Choose a design with a detailed base and frame, and complete the look with a monogrammed lid.