Candles are infamously appreciated for setting the right mood in any home. They not only provide a calming light, the right ones give off a heavenly scent. You can use a pillar or taper candle for the above mentioned and for decorating your home. A candle can stand alone or get paired with various accessories to support your room's decor. Here are some ideas and uses for a candle to help you choose between the countless options available. And since they're ever-changing, you'll be able to continue making the right choices down the road.


Pillar candles make a strong statement and usually last longer than other types of candles. In that case, it's a good idea to choose one that not only smells great, but that's decorative in its own right - it will likely be in your home for a while. You'll want a nice candle stick or decorative plate to hold your candles so the wax doesn't drip on your furniture, that's where you can get really creative.


Play around with a glass lantern, candelabra, a wall sconce, whatever your imagination digs up. If you're looking for an outdoor candle, you'll definitely want extra protection to prevent the flame escaping. Choose flameless candles for those places where you want a subtle lighting effect, but don't feel comfortable burning a real pillar candle.


Taper candles often come unscented and are commonly used for a visual effect. The long candles provide an elegant mood with a strong light coming from this smaller candle. White ones are the most common, but you can find a variety of colors and your candle sticks can act as powerful accessories. These are not great outdoor candles because they're not meant to be contained, so keep these in your home.


Another alternative to a pillar and taper candle is a tealight candle. These are normally white and unscented, providing decorative lights. Most are small and circular, although square ones are available. Here, the focus is on your holder, so you'll want to look at it as a separate accessory. The more tealight candles you have, the stronger the visual, so have fun. Unlike pillar candles, most come in large quantities and aren't meant to last forever, so change them out as you go along. You can do various glass containers for each one, or find a decorative piece that holds the candles in an artistic shape.


With all the different candle options: pillar, taper, tealight; the best look will come from the accessories you build around these candles. Make sure you have decorative holders for them and place them in spaces that will glow with these candles.