Cosmetic Bags and Toiletries

Treat yourself to a new cosmetic bag or toiletry case in durable leather, canvas or nylon. Whether you’re traveling or hanging out at home, you’ll enjoy having your favorite robe and slippers and your own personal toiletry bag on hand when you get ready for work, outings or bedtime. A cosmetic bag keeps your vital beauty item enhancements in one convenient location no matter where you go. Tuck one of our hanging, folded or portfolio-style toiletry cases and cosmetic bags in your car, backpack, briefcase or desk. That way, you’re always ready for hair and makeup touch-ups at work or school.

When out playing, take your cosmetic bag or toiletry case along so you can freshen up for dinner after hiking or swimming. It’s a safe feeling knowing that you have all of your grooming essentials with you when you step in front of the mirror to prepare for an evening event. Cosmetic bags and toiletry cases come in a variety of sizes and have pouches, zippered sections and mesh pockets to keep your items secure and easy to find.

One of the greatest features of cosmetic bags and toiletry cases is the flexibility they offer. When you travel by car on a short trip, toss one into your tote or weekender bag to have on hand wherever you roam. Order twin bags if you take frequent weekend trips. Put duplicate products in the bags and always restock the one you used last. You’ll always have a fully supplied makeup or toiletry kit ready to go. You’ll save valuable time by collecting the individual items ahead of time that you need to carry with you each time you journey.

Our cosmetic bags and toiletry cases coordinate with our luggage and travel collections at Pottery Barn, so you can feel smart and look like a seasoned world traveler when you pack them along. When traveling by plane, you can place your toiletry case or cosmetic bag in your checked luggage to prevent screening delays. Place your toiletry bag directly in your carry-on bag if you’d rather have your beauty, hygiene and grooming essentials with you at all times. If a flight is delayed or your luggage is lost, you’ll feel comforted having a few personal items in your hands. You can refresh yourself and regroup while you wait for travel glitches to sort themselves out.

Consider cosmetic bags and toiletry kits to be must-have items if you work at a desk. Teachers, office workers and other professionals appreciate the reassurance that they’ve got toothbrushes, combs and other products to make themselves presentable for important meetings and client pitches. Since our smaller toiletry cases and cosmetic bags fit easily in desk drawers, all you need is a handy portable mirror. With these simple items, you’ve got the essentials you need to make yourself ready for anything, all while sitting at your workspace. The cosmetic bags and toiletry cases are more like work tools than travel accessories when you need those pieces close by your side during your working hours.

If you have a gift list that includes plenty of travelers, cosmetic bags and toiletry cases are always appreciated. People who travel frequently often misplace or wear out their luggage and travel accessories faster than the average person. Ingenious travelers also find interesting uses for the cosmetic and toiletry bags available in our collection of gifts for travelers. Pouches, bags and cases in our cosmetic and toiletry collections are used to hold important medications like epi-pen kits and inhalers. Other cases and bags are used to hold small tools, rain ponchos, extra socks, passports, maps and documentation. Give the cosmetic bag or toiletry case to your favorite veteran traveler, and he or she is sure to put it to good use.