Adding decor items to make your space an enlivened and comfortable one doesn’t always include what the eye can see. Aromatherapy can help to elevate your mood as well as freshen up your space. Add scents to rooms to give them a quick burst of fragrant air before you have company coming over, or burn a candle as you’re enjoying your favorite book or a hot bath. From flameless candles to lighted candles and other types of fragrances, we have a wealth of ways you can infuse your home with freshness throughout every season of the year. Shop candle pots, votives and homescent from Pottery Barn to wake up your olfactory senses.

Candles are one of the best and most subtle ways to infuse fragrance into the room. Instead of releasing scent all at once, such as an air freshener or oil, candles release scent slowly, never overpowering the room. Choose subtle scents that bring elegance to your space, such as milk, white cranberry or peony. Candles work well in nearly every room in the home. Use them to light the bathroom as you take a hot bath or shower or for soft light in your bedroom. Candles also add a delicate scent to the kitchen as you’re cooking. In addition to providing useful aromatherapy, it also works to have candles located throughout the house should there ever be a power outage or short.

Scented candles also make great gifts for friends and family. Opt for elegant and delicate tealights as holiday gifts, wedding or birthday gifts, or choose a candle pot with included scented candle as a thoughtful gift. Flameless candles are also a safe and appreciated gift for the holidays or for other occasions. Easy to use, flameless candles still emit a wonderful scent to fill the air.

Oil diffusers are another fine way to add pleasing scent to a space. These work well in your home office, bathroom, bedroom or any other space where you need a long-lasting, noticeable scent. Similarly to candles and flameless candles, these also make great gifts. Choose scents that you find relaxing and comfortable, such as paperwhite, aqua marine or ocean. Each oil diffuser has a sizable amount of oil that’s meant to last, as well as a set of 12 diffuser sticks so that the oil emits seamlessly into the air. Each type of oil has different notes, such as jasmine and sandalwood, and can bring freshness and vital fragrance to even a larger space.