Decorative Art


Moving into a college dormitory is a both a significant change and an exciting experience. The process is exhausting but it's all worth it once you see your furniture arranged in your new living space, and you can move on to the fun part - decorating! As you build out the design of your room, keep in mind the type of wall decor that is going to fit your personality best. Picture colors, elements, shapes and any other decorative art factor that will brighten up your space and make your college days fun and palatable.


Decorative art comes in countless forms and can contribute significantly to the atmosphere of the new living space. Think of your walls as a blank canvas on which to truly personalize your dorm design, keeping in mind the overall colors scheme and aesthetic of the rest of the room. Artistic wall decor comes in two general categories: images and objects. Home decor stores will have a myriad of options, but you may choose to use more personal wall art, especially since you will be living away from home for the first time. Below are some examples of each and tips for optimal placement.


Artistic Images


Powerfully personal and visually stunning, images hung on the wall of any room will become a focal point. Paintings, tapestries, posters, photographs, and decals can display elements of your home life and your interests in an attractive way. Consider framing key images with wood or metal frames to make them stand out from the rest of the decor. Avoid hanging fine art pieces or anything particularly valuable in the wall of a shared living space.


Artistic Objects


Clocks, mirrors, branch art, box plants, stained glass, and picture frames provide more texture and depth to your wall. You may need to install a wide wood panel along your wall to hold particular objects. Make sure it will remain securely fixed to the wall and won't break when you touch it.


Hopefully, this article gave you some great ideas for getting started decorating your dorm room. You can find any and all of the decorative items above in many designs and colors to match your personality and style. Websites like Pinterest have a wealth of ideas to arrange any artistic or sentimental items you bring with you to college. Most importantly, have fun creating a beautiful wall display that highlights your interests and personality!