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Looking to spruce up any room in your home? The magic word is pillow. A pillow or throw can accent plain couches and bedspreads; then voila, your living room will feel transformed. Decorative pillows come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Play around with your options to find the style that best matches your personal taste.


Here are some quick ways pillows can liven up your home.


Craft Your Own


If you're feeling super creative, make your own! A custom pillow is a fun and expressive way to treat yourself. You can purchase gorgeous pillow covers and find the right stuffing to fill it in with personalized fluff and texture. A 20x20 sized pillow is the most common and a polyester blend or any other synthetic fabric can be easy to manipulate. Bring your friends over and compare your pillow creations.


Colors and Textures


A simple pillow or throw can give a guilt free nudge to people with a more conservative taste in interior design. This gets them out of their solid only comfort zone and spices up their space. Dress up the drab and enjoy pops of colors; like gold and purple. Mongolian faux fur, ruffles, Mina Victory, beading and embroidered pillows all create a nice contrast to a simple two-dimensional couch or bed. Don't forget to use a throw or two as decorative accents. Most pillows can always be found on sale if you're open and willing to try new things. It's fun to get out of your comfort zone and put things together that you would have never considered before.


Pillow Size Does Matter


An accent pillow brings extra personality when you throw in different shapes and sizes. In addition to using color for a lively touch, a variety of 3-dimensional pillows can really make a foundation pop. Get inspired by a photo collage, where pictures and moments are scattered into fun shapes and sizes. From a heart-shaped pillow to an oblong pillow or pillow cover, the world is your oyster. Speaking of oysters, try an oyster shaped pillow.


Get Creative


It's obvious you can go nuts with accessories in the bedroom and living room, but what about your kitchen? Is the floor covered in those ugly tiles that your landlord won't replace? Try a new rug with colorful accessories to tie things together. Try a bright red tea kettle with matching seat cushions. Add a complimentary decoration on the wall and you've got a whole new theme. A little bit goes a long way in the kitchen, and if you're happy with the new look, it's a victory for you and your landlord.


For more inspiration, just keep thinking outside the pillow.