Floor Mirrors


Giving yourself a once over in a full length mirror before you head out the door can help avoid many wardrobe malfunctions. It adds a touch of luxury to your bedroom or hallway and has the added bonus of reflecting light to brighten your home. Look for mirrors that are slim, leaning and can act as storage as well. Whether you are looking to incorporate a wooden mirror or metal mirror; the interior of your home deserves the beauty of a mirror, so be picky and use the below to inspire the best purchase.


Full length leaning floor mirrors come in all shapes and sizes to match any decor. Consider these three things to help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect floor mirror for your room.




Check out home good stores or browse online for inspiration. Some popular styles of mirror frames are:


  • Gold or silver overlay
  • Glass
  • Dark or light brown wood
  • Rustic bronze
  • Metallic embellishment
  • Crystal embellishment
  • Frameless bevelled edges


Look at your space and see what parts of decor you'd like to accentuate. If you're going for a rustic theme, find a frame made of wood. If you'd like to make a color pop out of your bedspread, choose a large frame in that color. Our room is full of things we need, and often they can overshadow our decorative efforts. When you can mix function and design, you're winning in life, so be selective when possible.




Measure the interior space where you want the mirror to stand. This will allow you to visualize whether you can have a wide or slim mirror depending on the surrounding decor. You may find that you need a leaner (or slim) mirror to avoid blocking other items in the room.


If you have space, a floor mirror can also act as decor. An oversized mirror in a unique shape makes a bold statement and can create the illusion of an extra room. Experiment with a normal size mirror and add smaller accent mirrors around it. You can have a lot of fun with various shapes and cuts of glass, so don't be afraid to think outside the box. Mix and match mirror shapes like a collage and hang a photo with a pop of color in there.




Leaning the mirror against a wall in your bedroom or hallway will ensure that you glance at it before leaving the house and gives the impression of expanded space. Having a full body mirror readily available is also appreciated by guests who enter your home. Be sure to avoid excessive sunlight glare by angling it away from a window.