Flowers and Plants

Some decor knows exactly what it wants to be when it grows up. There’s no mistaking the vintage vibe of velvet curtains, for example. Abstract art has a distinctive sense of individuality that creates its own little universe nearby. At Pottery Barn, we like to design furniture and decorative objects that are bold and expressive. That makes it easier to locate and fall in love with that amazing piece that fits beautifully into your dream room. Flowers and plants also have a powerful effect on any room of the house. Check out a few great design tips for flowers and plants. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or need some inspiration, these ideas will have your home feeling green in no time.

Flowers and plants are awesome for interior design because they literally work anywhere. Your bedroom, bathroom, entryway, sunroom or reading nook all benefit from a touch of lush. It’s no surprise that being outdoors and taking in the blue skies, fresh air and vibrant colors of a garden is very relaxing. Decorating with indoor plants brings that invigorating ambience into the home. It makes any room feel bright and airy. Stress melts away and gets replaced with a positive outlook.

The living room is one of the first places many people start when decorating with flowers and plants. It’s a room usually dedicated to rest and relaxation, so having soothing greenery makes a lot of sense. Where can you place plants? There are many possible options – and many different kinds of plants – so don’t be afraid of experimenting to find a layout that gets you excited. They’re easy to move around within the space and from room to room too, so switching things up from time to time isn’t hard at all.

A vertical potted flower arrangement – such as orchids or hydrangeas – is one awesome idea for a coffee table centerpiece. It makes guests smile right away as you enjoy a cup of coffee together. Smaller plants like succulents add a solid pop of green to bookcase shelves, console tables, accent table arrangements and anywhere else you can imagine. Another living room star is a potted tree next to your sofa. Trees provide a complete palette of gorgeous colors. The effect is even more pronounced in neutral spaces with clean lines.

With greenery, many times more is more. It’s virtually impossible to go overboard with plants. If you want to create your own jungle oasis in the living room, bedroom or other intimate space, go for it. That lets you show off a range of different flower varieties. Wood accent furniture complements plants naturally, but you don’t need to shy away from metal or leather elements. Glass surfaces and luxurious mirrors give a room a touch of royalty from 18th-century India.

In the bedroom, flowers greet you as you wake when placed on a bedside table. That gets your whole day off to a beautiful start. For something a little more imposing, use a potted tree in the corner of your room, perhaps next to your vanity. Greenery adds another layer of beauty to your room decor, so having a few large fronds pop into view in front of a beautiful painting make it look even better. Create an ensemble by hanging tall mirrors behind your bedside table.

A single flower or branch can be surprisingly effective. In a minimalist layout, it provides immense artistry without overpowering the space. Lone flowers center the attention on their subtle tones as well as the contours and patterns of the vase they inhabit. A long bougainvillea stem in a reflective navy vase is vibrant in every sense.

Flowers and plants contain multiple aspects of art that you can draw attention to. Their overall shape varies a lot, from narrow and vertical to short and rounded. When imagining the possibilities for your home, picture the way those shapes will stand out against the rest of your decor. This is very useful when creating a console table vignette. You can layer plants, photographs, sculptures and vases, all in varying heights.