A beautiful piece of wall art can liven up the dreariest room and truly makes a statement about the personality and style of the people who inhabit that space. One of the best spaces to fill with art prints is the living room. These common rooms welcome friends and family who will find incredible joy in your art decor, whether modern, abstract or family oriented prints. Adding frames to these will add sophistication and timeless beauty. Framed art prints are hugely popular wall decor due to their versatility, affordability, and customization possibilities. Framed prints can brighten up any room and are an excellent choice for budget-conscious art lovers.


Art prints are images produced on poster paper or canvas that retain the color and detail of the original while enhancing it at scale. Prices may vary depending on whether you choose to print on regular or premium paper. Prints can feature a variety of images and photos such as professional photography, abstract portraits, modern black and white prints, panoramic landscapes, and more. These pictures can be store-bought, purchased from an art gallery, or you can select a favorite photo from your archives and reproduce it as a larger-than-life print. Imagine your favorite family photo hanging in the living room, putting a welcoming personal touch to the room.


Tips for Framing Your Art Print


Adding a frame to your art print may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it is worth consideration. A frame distinguishes an art print from regular posters, and will add a polished, professional finish. Whether you choose a frame made of wood, metal, or other material, it is important that the frame is selected specifically for that particular image. For example, a photograph of a tree against a bright blue sky should have a dark wood frame that contrasts well with the colors in the image.


If you wish to see how different frames set off different kinds of images, visit a gallery or fine art photography studio and study how the frame color, material, and design works with and enhances the picture.


Frames come in many different shapes and sizes. The most common are 8x10 for a table top image or 16x20 for a piece of wall art.


If you have any questions about the type of frame, you should choose for your art print, ask a design professional for their opinion to make sure that you select the perfect finishing touch to your home decor.