Imagine the decorating potential available to you when you add Pottery Barn lanterns to your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Virtually nothing suggests peace and calm like the subtle lighting projected by lanterns. Inside, you can use them alongside other decorative lighting to create a restful ambience. Outdoors, lanterns cast a delightfully rustic and old-fashioned illumination on a backyard deck or patio.

When you combine the elegance of lanterns with eclectic string lights and lit decor, the effect is always a hit. We have string lights available in a wide array of styles, shapes and sizes to fit your outdoor decor. Pair the string lights with lanterns in bronze, silver or galvanized finishes. Wall-mounted lanterns are always a lovely idea, or you can perch them where you need them with handy lantern stakes.

Make your lanterns safe and easy to use when you pair them with our flameless candles. Designed to flicker realistically, these premium candles provide all the warm glow you want without a real flame. These candles are made of real wax, and they have an LED center that turns on and off with a timer. Set inside the lanterns, the candles will illuminate each evening on schedule to light up your living spaces.

Coordinate your lanterns with other outdoor decor items, such as outdoor garden planters and garden accessories. Whatever your backyard style, you can create a cohesive area that meshes the separate pieces beautifully. Imagine the impact of galvanized metal garden planters holding blooms and greenery around your deck or patio. These pieces would be a delightful pairing with galvanized finish or even aluminum lanterns.

For another alluring decorating scheme, try mixing lanterns with accent mirrors. Place a mirror behind a lantern or two and get ready to enjoy the reflections of the lantern light dancing around your indoor or outdoor living areas. Mirrors in bold shapes, made out of gold gilt, wood or galvanized metal are beautiful when paired with distinctive lanterns.

Lanterns offer versatile options in both lighting and decor, and they fit easily in virtually any room of the house. Use them in the bedroom, dining room and living room to add delightful ambience, such as a centerpiece for your dining table. Outdoors, there’s something beautiful about the shimmering light they give off when added to landscaping borders, around pools and in outdoor seating areas. Lanterns pair easily with any outdoor theme, and they make your living areas shine with peaceful illumination.