Lanterns and String Lights

Create the perfect ambience in all the rooms throughout your home as well as the outside areas with carefully placed lanterns and lights. Whether you need additional lighting for a particular area, want to highlight a certain space or aim to make a feature of the lighting, Pottery Barn has a vast selection of lanterns and string lights from which you can to choose.

A lantern with clear glass sides allows the light to disperse evenly all around it. The hinge and lock door lets you place a candle inside and the enclosed space prevents any accidental burning if the candle tips inside it. The glass is tempered for strength and ensures the candle continues to flicker even in a gentle breeze.

Choose a style to match your decor. A metal lantern with sleek, straight edges and a galvanized finish is fresh and modern. Lanterns carved from aluminum or iron with a black powder-coat finish and arched windows are more traditional by design. Go for a rustic look with gently curved lanterns made from faux natural fiber that’s been woven together. A galvanized metal finish with scalloped and fluted trim has vintage charm while repurposed canning jars with rope trim have a nautical appeal. Cast intricate patterns of light across your walls with a beautiful Moroccan-style lantern that has sides created with acid etching instead of glass. For a more minimal look, an open design is what you need. Comprised simply of a hand-forged frame and pillar candle, this lantern provides unrestricted light and a sense of openness from its graceful design.

When you’ve chosen the style that best suits the space it’s intended for, consider how you want to display the lantern. Many have a flat base so you can stand your lantern on a shelf, table or the floor. Place one on the mantel or coffee table for cozy lighting in your living room or use one as a centerpiece on the dining table when entertaining guests. Instead of just placing a candle inside, fill the base with sand or surround the candle with shells for a nautical look. Decorative colored glass ornaments around the base of the candle catch the light, creating colorful patterns around it. Group a few lanterns together at different heights to create a focal point on the patio. These lantern designs often have a metal loop at the top as well so you can hang your lantern from a wall-mounted hook.

Use lantern stakes as a decorative way to hang lanterns around your patio or yard for extra lighting as you enjoy warm nights outside. Hanging lanterns usually have a removable base to insert the candle. As this type of design moves easily in a breeze or as you brush past it, you need to use a flameless candle that is battery-operated. The flameless pillar gives you soft, flickering light without any worry of the flame causing damage. For a summer-like feel, choose a flameless candle that’s set with real seashells to make you feel like you’ve been at the beach as you watch them shine through the glowing pillar.

When entertaining outside, string lights can transform your patio or yard with cozy and fun lighting. For a retro look, choose vintage-style bulbs hanging from a brown cord. Handcrafted iron cafe string lights have an industrial feel and are terrific for a casual environment. Suited to a city rooftop, the mini metal cage string lights add a rustic touch while woven twig orbs are charming, adding warmth and decoration to an area.

Invite your guests with a lighted pathway, place a lit ornament on the lawn or place faux lit cypress trees either side of your front door. A frosted orb provides bright and cheerful lighting in an otherwise dark corner and star-shaped ornaments dotted with marquee lights are fun. Add the final touch to your outdoor party with colorful standing starbursts and enjoy a magical, atmospheric evening.