Pulls & Hardware

Your home has elements of your signature style everywhere. True, you have your inspirations: ideas that you pick up from other spaces you’ve seen or from friends. However, at the end of the day, you are the last word on what looks best in a room. Your decor – from the light fixtures you pick out to furniture styles – springs from your imagination and design vision, which is terrific. At Pottery Barn, we want you to be able to customize everything imaginable. That way each space reflects your personality to the max. Our pulls and hardware pieces help you express yourself creatively when it comes to cabinets. When not sure what style you’re looking for, go with pieces that make your eyes light up with excitement.

One aspect that’s good to remember when picking out cabinet hardware is functionality. It’s not the only thing to think about, but practical pieces do make your life simpler. Physically, pulls are easier to grab than knobs. If you or a loved one has hand pain normally, that’s something to keep in mind.

Even though they’re relatively small pieces, pulls and knobs have a big effect on the way cabinets feel. They can create an ambience that’s bright and airy or warm and intimate. In fact, cabinet hardware even affects the time period you’re going for. Some designs lend themselves naturally to contemporary themes and others flow exceptionally well in vintage or Tuscan-inspired layouts.

The first home location that probably comes to mind when thinking of cabinet hardware is the kitchen, which makes sense. After all, cabinets make up a large part of most kitchens. If you want to change the way the room feels, it’s often not necessary to – but feel free to do so if you want to – replace your cabinets. Many times, replacing pulls and knobs is sufficient to give the space a completely new vibe. That’s a huge plus because switching hardware is easy to do. Adding a kitchen island also brings a lot to any kitchen.

Knobs and pulls are a big help in other rooms too. Your bedroom, bathroom and home office probably have dressers, nightstands or cabinets with doors and drawers that you can customize. Maybe you have a favorite desk given to you by your father or grandfather. You love the natural wood finish and the rich story contained within, but you want to give it a touch of modern elegance too. Using sleek polished nickel, satin nickel or glass knobs marry classic tones with contemporary art.

Using a combination of pulls and knobs in the same room is not only possible, but some interior designers also recommend it, depending on the ambience you’re seeking. Mixing and matching hardware adds a very personal, lived-in aspect to your home. Of course, going with all knobs or all pulls works as well. Visualize the space in your mind and go with the layout that makes you happy.

Depending on your room’s theme, combining different tones in a single space is also a possibility, such as matching satin nickel pulls with an antique bronze pendant overhead. Pairing metals in a vintage design is very common and provide layers of luxury. To make a show-stopping impression in a Gatsby-inspired kitchen or living room, use hand-hammered knobs and a crystal chandelier. It gives your guests something to talk about as you prepare martinis.

When matching a hardware finish with wood tones, there aren’t any concrete rules. For the most part, trust your instincts when deciding. Traditionally, cherry and other warm woods have a special connection with brass tones, but they also look beautiful with nickel finishes. With white cabinets, pair them with silver-colored metals to keep things bright and spacious, or use antique bronze for a black-and-white design. Whether to go with high-contrast combinations or neutral designs is up to your creative vision. Both options are modern and artistic.