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Keep your precious jewelry together in one place, organized into selected pieces and beautifully displayed in a jewelry box, tray or other decorative accessory. At Pottery Barn, we have jewelry boxes and accessories that range in design and style to suit every need and taste.

Organize your jewelry into sets or type using a compartment box. You’ll find small sections suitable for rings and earrings, and a lift-out tray reveals a deeper section underneath for those larger items that need safekeeping. Some designs have a front that flips down to reveal hidden drawers inside. The different sizes let you separate necklaces, bracelets and brooches. A mirror set in the lid allows you to check how a piece looks on you and a lock ensures your valuables stay safe when you’re not around. A monogram adds a special touch, especially if you’re giving a jewelry box as a gift.

Brighten up your vanity with a mirrored design. Choose a vertical jewelry box to give you space to hang your necklaces in a side compartment. A cleverly designed large box may appear to be a standard box but opens up in various places to reveal compartments able to hold jewelry as well as makeup and hairbrushes. Protect your vanity or dresser from damage with a box that has felt pads underneath it.

If you’d rather see your jewelry on display than tucked away in concealed drawers, a glass display box offers the same handy organization in a see-through container. A hinged lid allows for easy access, and a gold or silver filigree pattern around the edge adds glamour. Keep watches and bracelets together in one level, and separate earrings, rings and necklaces in another. Personalize the lid with your monogram.

Keep your everyday pieces to hand in a display tray. A glass design with silver or gold trim is elegant and glistens along with your jewelry. Go for a unique look with glass cloches that display your jewelry from every angle while keeping them free from dust.

There’s nothing more secure than a safe, so rest easy knowing your jewelry is locked up in your very own jewelry safe. Unlike a normal safe, a jewelry safe is attractive to look at so you’ll want to keep it on your vanity or dresser. A digital lock ensures that only you can gain access to the special pieces locked inside it. Another great way to keep your jewelry hidden is to use a concealed jewelry storage shelf. When not in use, the shelf looks like any other but when you pull the base down, the hinged design reveals compartments to safely hold your trinkets.

Always ensure you look your best when you pick your preferred pieces from a tray fixed directly under your vanity mirror. If you don’t have a vanity, don’t despair as a wall-mounted jewelry mirror does the trick. It looks like any other mirror but you can either pull open the front or pull out the side to reveal the hidden jewelry compartments. This design is particularly great if you are short of floor space as it negates the need for a vanity.

Another way to utilize your wall space is to fix up a jewelry hanger. The wall-mounted rack consists of rods and pegs to hang different items and creates a focal point in your bedroom. A wood frame looks warm while a metal frame is suited to a more modern bedroom design. Be different with a shaped hanger, such as a decorative arrow lined with hooks.

Jewelry stands have decorative appeal, allowing you to hang pieces from the top and keep smaller items in the base. Choose a design to match the decor of your bedroom, such as a marble-like or nickel plated finish, a vintage design or contemporary style.

Don’t leave your jewelry behind when you go on a trip. Pack it safely away in a travel portfolio. A hard case with zipper compartments protects your jewelry from damage or falling out, and the exterior has a stylish design. Monogram the clasp and coordinate the jewelry portfolio with your travel luggage for the perfect set.