Office Accessories

Working from home has its great points, and one of those is the ability to decorate and organize your own space. When you’re in an environment that allows you to feel comfortable, it’s much less of a chore to sit down and complete your daily tasks. Whether you need a pinboard or calendar to organize your appointments and commitments by the day or simply need a pair of bookends to bring more style to the room, at Pottery Barn we have the office accessories that help you organize and decorate your space.

In this day and age, electronics have become must-have items in our daily work and social lives. If you’re like many, there are probably quite a few wires on your desktop in your home office and cutting back on that is definitely a plus. Consider a wireless charging station that helps keep items, such as your smartphone and tablet, charged and ready to use but with wireless technology that minimizes clutter. There are several different types to choose from, and some include storage containers and USB ports for when you do need wires. If you have a multitude of devices, consider additional wireless adapters to keep everything at the ready.

When it comes to getting your desktop in order, organization is key. Consider a lazy Susan organizer, designed solely for home office use. This is a superb way to keep your pens, pencils and other office needs right at your fingertips, without having to hunt through drawers or shelves. Another good idea for desktop organization is a desktop paper organizer. Small enough to fit when you’re short on space, this type of organizer offers two drawers in which you can store important papers and documents or extra pieces of printer paper for when you run low. A photo caddy or desktop organizer is also a terrific choice. Not just for photos, store your most-needed office supplies right on your desktop with room for envelopes, pens and other instruments.

When you have small items you need to keep close by, but they don’t always work well in an organizer or drawer, a catchall is a solid idea. Ideal for the home office, this desktop accessory also works well in other rooms of the home, such as your entryway or bedroom. Keep items like keys, loose change, reading glasses and other small items neatly, so you can see them when you need them easily. Catchalls also make a special gift as they are eligible to be personalized with a friend or family member’s name, initial or monogram.

If you have papers and envelopes of importance you need to keep organized right on your desktop, consider a letter or envelope tray. This is a suitable place to keep documents waiting to be signed, important papers ready to mailed and tasks that need to be completed. Made of smooth leather to integrate and complement easily with your other office decor, these accessories lend an air of professionalism to the room, particularly important if you regularly meet with clients and vendors in the home office. A matching desk blotter also works well to complete the ensemble.

When you have many papers and documents to organize, a file box or storage trunk is a terrific idea. Use on your desktop or place on the floor as these accessories help keep important documents within reach. If you prefer wall organization, consider pinboards, calendars and wall organizers to help keep your tasks in order. Put important files and letters in your wall organizer, or pin appointments to your board as you make them so you don’t forget. Other basics that are must-have items for your office include a trash can, with many choices to complement your colors, and a clock so you’re always on time for your next video conference call.