Desk Accessories

Make your home office achieve a more focused look while sprucing it up at the same time with stylish desk accessories. These desk accessories help inspire you to buckle right down to work while keeping the relaxing homey atmosphere in your own private workspace at the same time. Pottery Barn has a fine selection of desk accessories for home and office, and for various uses. They come in a wide range of materials and designs that complement your existing home office furniture.


Desk caddies and catchalls are among the most common accessories, but we added a bit more panache. to it. Some of our desk caddies and catchalls come in a combination of wood, metal accents, and elegant leather wraps that go well with most office desks, especially those with natural wood finishes. The caddies hold anything from pens, pencils, rubber erasers, thumb drives, craft knives and magnifying glasses, while our desk catchalls offer more storage for more items, including staplers and staples, scissors, stamp pads, glue guns and other necessary desk clutter. Choose between cognac and black leather wraps on your caddy and catchall according to your tastes and match them with other desk accessories in the same collection.


Among the other desk accessories in the same collection with metal and leather trimmings include storage boxes, oversized clipboards, paper trays and even trash cans that match your accessories. The oversized clipboards work just like the typical office blotter that is also available in other desk accessory collections that we offer. If leather is not your thing, other collections offer alternative designs in caddies, paper trays and file storage boxes.


Our desk accessories go well with your existing desk items or with the other items in the same collection. However, we also offer desk accessories with designs that stand out on their own to complement or enhance your current desk setup. These items include desk lazy Susans, photo caddies, catchalls that serve as paperweights at the same time, file stands, recycling and storage baskets and desktop drawer paper organizers. The choices are so diverse that you are sure to find items that match the look of your desk or your entire home office.


If you want to have an even more unique-looking home office desk accessories, we have items that veer off from the ordinary. For example, we have natural agate geode cutouts as bookends, galvanized iron sheets for file stands, recycling bins and desk caddies,; and vintage desk phones that go well with classic wood desk office drawers. Browse our selection of desk accessories, take design inspirations from them and transform your home office into a workplace that is your very own.