Picture Frames

Wall decor creates a very personal connection between you and your home. It’s not just about bright colors or interesting shapes – your room’s design layout says something about who you are and the things you’ve experienced. It brings back happy memories spent with people you love, reminds you of things that are important to you in life and lets you share your distinctive view of the world with those around you. At Pottery Barn, we know that personal expression makes home decor even more inspiring and amazing. Our picture frames help you display favorite masterpieces and exciting moments in a way that captures attention.

Picture frames are extremely versatile. They offer many design possibilities. You can use them to show off your art collection, photographs by other artists or amazing shots from your own camera, watercolor paintings or pictures of friends and loved ones. In fact, some people even like to decorate with frames solo for a minimalist atmosphere.

Do all your picture frames have to match? That’s totally up to you. If you’re creating a gallery wall, a group of identical frames gives the room a modern feel. A grouping of several photographs with different frames for each one is also very powerful but adds a distinct vibe. It looks warm and personal as if you’re displaying a collection you’ve amassed through several years. That makes them ideal for rustic designs or rooms designed to be intimate and inviting.

With accent pieces like a large and striking work of art, most people like to treat each one as unique. Therefore, feel free to pick a frame that enhances the artwork the way you want. There’s no problem having a bunch of different frames and artwork in the same room. One way to choose a frame color is to decide what element of the art you want to highlight, such as a bright red rose or a soft sky, and then pick a frame tone that makes it look incredible.

That said, several pictures in black or white picture frames have a major effect on a room’s ambience as well. They give it a touch of vintage, a hint of elegance and tons of chic. If you’re looking for a minimalist design with fewer pieces of furniture and decor but huge impact, black or white frames are sure to stand out.

When it comes to hanging frames, where you do so is totally up to you and your creative vision. There are tons of possibilities in any room. In a living room, some popular spots are above a sofa or sectional, above the fireplace or on a large open wall. It’s recommended to place artwork and photographs at eye level so it’s the first thing guests see when walking into the room. In a room where people spend time in a variety of activities, such as a family room or an open concept space, eye level is usually 60 inches to 66 inches from the floor. In spaces where everyone remains seated, such as a dining room, eye level is likely lower, such as 50 inches to 54 inches from the floor.

Creating a gallery wall is an awesome idea that does wonders for displaying groups of family photos or artistic photography. It creates a unified and harmonious feel in the room. The final design and the size of frames and photographs is very flexible, so go ahead and have some fun. One tip is to start by centering your anchor piece. This is probably a bit darker, bolder or bigger than the other pictures and helps draw attention to the whole grouping. Then place other artwork around it, in any style you like.

It’s common to choose an odd number of pieces for a gallery wall so one is always in the center. However, there are exceptions. Mirrored or perfectly aligned arrangements have a vintage and traditional feel. Irregular groupings that aren’t balanced out are great as well. They lend an edgy, modern vibe.