Pinboards and Chalkboards

Lend extra organization to your home with a charming pinboard or chalkboard from Pottery Barn. Whether you want to display mementos or simply need to organize your bills, we have an assortment of storage accessories ideal for your preferences and needs. When picking your board, decide what size is best for your space. Small boards work well in areas with limited wall space while larger alternatives ensure you have adequate room to write reminders, tack your favorite pictures or fill in your daily to-do list. Remember that you can mount most boards horizontally or vertically so that they accommodate any area. For your convenience, each board comes with mounting supplies. Although the classic square or rectangular board is always a popular choice, boards are also available in unconventional shapes too.

A dry erase board is an excellent organizational tool for any busy household. The multitude of sleek frame finishes ensure that it looks smashing with your existing home decor. As your browse through your options, consider how you want the board to function. If you want to use a board in place of a traditional paper calendar, a dry erase board is a green alternative that you can reuse month after month. You can pick a blank dry erase board and draw the calendar in yourself or opt for a board that comes with the calendar grid prefilled. Each month, wipe the board clean and fill in the grid with the appropriate dates for that month. Another benefit of using a dry erase board is that it is magnetic, which allows you to use the included magnets and your other favorites to hold photos or memos firmly in place or place them strategically as reminders of upcoming events.

A chalkboard is a multifunctional piece that coordinates well with rustic decor. It can even function by itself as a piece of wall art. Mount a chalkboard encased in a lovely frame, such as gleaming nickel or lush mango wood. Make the chalkboard a reflection of your tastes by adding a motivating quote or funny joke. If you’re ready to give the room a quick makeover, it only takes a moment to clean the board and scribble a fresh saying. Some households may require multiple boards to keep track of different items like school projects, grocery lists and weekend errands. Select a large board to provide adequate surface area, or mount multiple smaller boards so that each task or family member has an individual board. You may like the functionality of a dry erase board yet prefer the style of a chalkboard. Get the best of both boards with a magnetized chalkboard. Chalkboards are an excellent alternative to traditional pen and paper for jotting down quick notes to yourself. Place a chalkboard in the portion of your home where you pack your luggage. When packing for your next vacation, write reminders so that you know what you have and haven’t packed.

For a simple way to display some of your most treasured mementos and photographs, mount a gorgeous pinboard alongside other components of the Daily Wall System. You have a few options when selecting your pinboard. For a traditional look, go for a pinboard that uses conventional cork. For a more delicate, elegant style, select a pinboard wrapped in soft linen. Linen pinboards use neutral hues for the fabric so that they complement a wide variety of home themes. Some linen pinboards even integrate ribbon into the design to create a modular look that lends a sense of sophistication to its design. Each pinboard comes with small, nondescript pushpins to secure your items firmly to the board. Some of the available frame hues include black, white, nickel and mahogany. Thanks to the variety of frames, it’s a breeze to find a board that looks amazing next to your existing picture frames.