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Racks, Hooks and Storage

The area of your home that most likely sees the most traffic is your entryway. Whether you’re coming in from a long, enjoyable vacation or are rushing home in between appointments and commitments, walking in through your doorway often brings you a sense of relief – and of relaxation. Every entryway is a different size, and some entryways open up into a hallway while others may open up into a large space, such as in a split-level or raised ranch. Some entryways may even be part of the living room. No matter what your home’s design is, using racks, hooks and storage solutions in your entryway make your comings and goings occur seamlessly. Not just for your foyer or entryway, you can also use racks and hooks anywhere you want to capitalize on your wall real estate. This could be your upstairs hallway, mudroom, bedrooms or bathroom, to name a few. From rows of hooks that hold multiple items durably to single hooks when you need to hang a handbag or umbrella, we at Pottery Barn have a wealth of storage solutions available to simplify your space.

A single row of hooks is a terrific idea, especially for your entryway. These double-hooked hooks allow you to hang two items per hook, so choosing a row with three or four hooks allows you to hang a myriad of items safely. Use hooks in the winter, so everyone is able to get bundled up right before bracing the cold or in the summer to hang your beach accessories, totes and umbrellas. A horizontal row of hooks is common but vertical rows are available as well. Not only does this foster a unique look but it also gives depth to your hooks, allowing you to hang items in different ways.

If you want to maximize your wall space as much as possible, opt for a row of hooks that also offers you other storage possibilities. For instance, consider a ledge-type shelf with hooks below the shelf. Use the shelf above for decor items, pictures or other items or as a landing shelf when you’re coming and going, making it an ideal place to put keys, sunglasses and money clips. A different take on this type of shelf includes a mirror as part of the unit. Use hooks for hanging jackets and bags, the shelf to place decorations and necessities and the mirror to check your look before you run out to an important meeting. A different type of shelf allows cubby holes instead of a mirror, which is a superb way to store everything from outgoing letters to your keys and wallet. You also have the ability to personalize your own storage unit, using hooks, racks and other components to design your own storage plan.

Single hooks are an interesting way to add a bit of storage help to virtually any spot in your home. Place a single storage hook by your back door, enclosed porch, bathroom or outside of a bedroom. If you need a little extra space for handbags, backpacks and other hanging items, place two hooks together or opt for an alphabet hook set that allows you to spell something meaningful to you. The words “Home” or “Joy” add charm, or use your monogram or surname. A wall-mounted coat rack is another neat idea for your space. This single unit has several hooks but its vertical design allows for easy placement anywhere. Lantern hooks are a wonderful idea to add lanterns that enliven your outdoor space. Similarly, you can add lantern stake hooks to your backyard. Perfect for parties and get-togethers, these hooks allow you to light up your yard and walkways at night.