Single Hooks

Regardless of the size of your household, is it possible to ever have too many single hooks strategically placed in your living areas? Utilizing vertical wall space for hanging various essentials is an economical use of valuable space, and it’s convenient too. We make it possible to choose hooks in a variety of styles so you can add to the decorating schemes of your rooms easily. Single hooks from Pottery Barn in many different styles and colors help you expand your hanging ability while you enhance your decor.

As family and guests enter your home, single hooks provide an accessible place to hang a jacket or hat. Because your entryway is the first glimpse of your home, keeping it tidy and well organized adds to it’s overall appeal. Entryway accessories make this a guarantee, and you have plenty from which to choose. A shoe bench, coat rack or even distinctive leaning ladder enhances your entryway and makes it uniquely yours. Many of these pieces mesh easily with one or more single hooks.

Your bathroom can be the epitome of organization with single hooks and other elements, such as wall shelves. Available in many different styles and configurations, there’s a shelf to fit every space and bathroom style. You can match shelving material with the material of your hooks to create a cohesive look in a powder room. A couple of hooks on the wall could be the ideal spot to hang robes or towels.

A bustling kitchen can never have enough organization. As you add various kitchen accessories to this space, consider coordinating them with a few single hooks to increase your storage capabilities. A hook in the corner could be the ideal spot to hang a cheerful apron or even a kitchen towel for easy access. Hooks by the back door could hold a few jackets and coats for the family or guests to grab as they leave.

Anyone who spends time in a home office knows the importance of keeping this space neat to enhance productivity. If you furnish your office with modular office systems, consider adding a few single hooks to utilize wall space for storage. Having a spot for a sweater or jacket can make your office feel cozier. Hooks are a delightful addition to your other office furnishings.

Whatever your decorating style, there are single hooks to coordinate beautifully. If you provide plenty of hanging options in every room, your family might surprise you by using them regularly.