Throws and Blankets

Room accents come in many shapes and forms. Together, they create a harmonious patchwork design layout that looks amazing. Layering decor creates visual interest throughout the space. A bold painting might be the first thing that guests notice. However, thanks to a whole collection of complementary objects, their eyes are slowly drawn from place to place around the room, taking in your whole design masterpiece. At Pottery Barn, we provide vases, candles, sculptures and trays to elevate furniture like coffee and console tables. What about sofas, sectionals and chairs? That’s where decorative pillows, throws and blankets shine. If you need some inspiration, check out some excellent tips and ideas to use throws and blankets to the max in your home.

Throws and blankets do at least three things for any room. First, they add color. Decorative pillows aren’t the only accent pieces available – although they do rock – when you want to give your room seating some major pops of your favorite shades. In fact, throws can have an even stronger effect since they provide a larger total surface area. Another reason blankets are so awesome is their texture. In a living room with a glass coffee table and a leather sofa, you can have three or four textures going on at the same time: fuzzy, sleek, reflective and soft. That’s a treat both for your eyes and your fingertips.

The third reason having throws and blankets nearby is important is a combination of practical and fashionable. When it’s cold outside, being able to wrap yourself up in warmth helps you enjoy any occasion even more. When you want to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fireplace, a cozy wool or soft down blanket is soothing and very romantic too. If you like entertaining friends in your home, people often have different preferred temperatures. If one guest feels a little too chilly, it’s not hard to hand them a snug throw. They’re delighted both by your affectionate gesture and the supersoft royal treatment.

Blankets and throws help to set the mood in a room. There are no hard-and-fast rules as to what style to use in each case, but certain textures are very effective at creating a specific ambience. Want your living room or bedroom to feel especially intimate and personal? Look for something a little bit informal and very fuzzy. Faux sheepskin fits in perfectly with rustic layouts. Intricate woven mohair throws are also good for creating a relaxing space where you and your close friends and loved one are free to enjoy conversation and laughter, share a cup of coffee and recall precious moments spent together.

If chic is your thing instead, go bold with faux fur. It transforms a living room or bedroom into a trendy Paris apartment. The idea here is to express luxury in every possible way. Bright artwork, stunning metallic chandeliers and black accent furniture all come together to leave guests speechless.

For pure art, focus on simple lines that say a lot. Bright colors stand out, and soft neutrals make the room feel more harmonious and complete. Let each accent say something, from a black-and-white photograph to a patterned pillow. Drape a neutral blanket folded diagonally across half of the sofa, and finish with a minimalist vignette displayed on the coffee table.

There are many possibilities for where to drape a throw, depending on the room and your personal taste. It’s easy to move blankets around and experiment until you’re satisfied with the finished design. In the bedroom, it’s popular to fold throws into a rectangle and hang them across the bed, or a little off to one side. You can also spread it out completely for an even more welcoming ambience.

In the living room, any seating offers a spot to drape a blanket. After folding a throw into a rectangular shape, place it vertically on one end of a sofa for a modern vibe and to balance out any pillows on the opposite end. With faux fur, many people prefer to simply let the blanket fall into place on its own for opulence.