A lovely vase full of flowers can brighten up anyone's day, and there's no reason you wouldn't want them in your home. A vase has come a long way from just holding a flower, but often it's the vase that takes center stage. This is the perfect opportunity to add to your home's decor and not just showcase your beautiful flowers, but your vase like a piece of art. Whether you're a minimalist or you love a little flash, this is a great time to invest in a gorgeous piece that feels personal to you. If you're trying to decide what to choose for your home's decor, here are some ideas to guide you toward your perfect flower vase.




There are endless options to choose from, so first look at why you need the flower vases. Do you want something to hold a bouquet of flowers? Or a single bamboo stem? If you're just looking for a gorgeous glass vase as a centerpiece, choose the right size for your table and you can make a flower arrangement inside that. If you decide to go with a bowl or jar style that's long and round, try contrasting your vase with tall candles. Adding vases of different heights is visually attractive.




What style is your home? Do you have an elegant black and white decor, or is everything handcrafted with copper pots, stone accents, and wooden furniture? Stay in your lane, so to speak. A vase is a piece of art and should accent your existing decor, with everything from your flowers to their vases. If you're a lover of art, a blown glass vase or crackle glass is a fantastic decorative accent to your home and comes in many colors. Try blue glass stones in the bottom of a clear vase for an extra pop. Feel free to go bold and use your vase as that extra splash of decoration.




Adding a flower or two throughout your home can add some cheer, so consider having a vase that goes in every room. Try a single flower in the bathroom in a cylinder vase and little terrarium centerpieces on your bookshelf. Again, consider the height of other decorative objects and add something contrasting, like long candleholders or bud vases next to cylinder vases.


Fake Flowers


Because keeping up with real flowers gets messy and can be a hassle, there are some great fake flowers in silk that look genuine and last forever. They can resemble your favorite flowers like mercury, blossoms, orchids or peonies. Use both. Try a delicate single rose in a glass bottle, then add fake florals using vase fillers in a decorative pot showcasing your bouquets.