Wall Clocks


With the advent of wrist watches and now smart phones as ever-present timepieces, traditional wall clocks have dropped off the radar a bit. However, home owners looking for functional, attractive pieces for their home should consider investing in a clock. Whether your style is classic or modern, there is a clock to match. They make great gifts for life's milestone celebrations such as a wedding or anniversary.


When deciding which kind of clock to buy, ask yourself what is more important; form or function? Many homes will have a combination - an ornate clock for the living room, a simple, durable clock for outdoor activities, and a battery-operated alarm clock for the bedroom.




Clocks are found in many shapes and materials. A handsome clock can complement your home's decor just as well as a painting. Clocks can hang on walls, sit on tables, stand on floors, hand from ceilings and be embedded in walls. They come in traditional form or electronic are wood or metal. They can sit indoors or be outdoor as well. Whatever the look, add a combination of styles to your home to add balance.


For some, a stately vintage "Tempus Fugit" grandfather clock brings a feel of luxury and classic good taste to the home. This clock is usually made of a dark brown wood such as mahogany and plays the Westminster chime along with a swinging pendulum to mark the hour displayed by the ornate metal hands on the circular clock face.


A smaller version of this beautiful vintage timepiece can fit comfortably on a mantelpiece above the fireplace or prominently displayed on a shelf or table.




Perhaps you want a simple dial clock that displays the hour clearly in black and white without the bell and whistle of a vintage timepiece. There are are many options available at any price point, so you will have no trouble finding one that fits your home. Since one of the major motivation for buying a clock is to act as an alarm, many bedside or mantel clocks come with the dual ability to mark time and set an alarm.


Whatever your motivation for buying a clock for the home, you will find many options for every style and price range available online or in stores. Once you know what matters most in your new timepiece, finding the right one will be easy.