Wall Organizers

For a relaxed atmosphere in the home, keep clutter tidied away from surfaces and floors. Use wall organizers to keep papers, tools, clothing and other small items hidden away while adding a decorative touch to your walls. At Pottery Barn, we have wall organization systems to suit every need and match every style of decor.

First impressions count, so keep your entryway tidy and presentable when guests arrive. Hang your bag on a single hook or have a row of hooks to hold coats, bags and scarves. A mirror opens up a room and makes a small entryway appear bigger so combine a mirror with hooks for double usage. A shoe bench provides a comfortable place to sit while changing your shoes, and they store on the lower shelf so that dirt isn’t walked through your home. A cubby collection comprised of a whitewashed mango wood frame and three cubby spaces is ideal for holding small items you may need on the way in or out. Use galvanized bins or storage baskets to hide the contents. Separate letters, magazines and flyers in a tiered letter bin.

Make sure everyone knows who’s doing what by writing helpful messages on a message board. Go for a chalkboard for a more casual look or use a whiteboard for a modern touch. Combine your message system with shelving for convenience. The top shallow shelf holds scissors, pens and small notepads while the lower, larger shelf holds bigger items. Alternatively, pin messages, a calendar and photos to a pinboard or corkboard. A calendar whiteboard and magnetic clipboard are particularly useful in your home office.

Keep your laundry room organized with wall units that cover every use of which you can think. The laundry drying rack is a terrific space-saving idea. It stays flat against the wall when not in use, and then opens up to provide a handy rail to dry your linens. The stylish wood drying rack hangs from pegs via the two loops. Hang the canvas hamper next to it as well as the wicker rattan utility basket to separate your laundry piles or ironing. The iron itself sits on the steel ironing board rack. The hooks underneath are specially designed to hold the feet of the ironing board. This keeps flooring and cupboard space free, which is ideal in a small laundry room.

If you’re pushed for space in your home office, a wall-mounted desk is an ideal solution. The modular unit opens up to reveal a desk surface with cubbies behind it. The largest cubby has a front rail to keep files upright while the others are suitable for books and pen pots. When you’ve finished working, just flip up the desktop, and all you can see is the smooth mango wood box. Combine this hidden desk with other wall-mounted organizers to keep your floor space free and everything close at hand. Use a message board, a letter file, an all-in-one organizer and a ledge. A wall cube is large enough to hold books and larger desk accessories.

Add a striking wall feature to your game room with a wall-mounted cue storage rack. This keeps all your pool table accessories displayed together in one convenient place. Don’t forget you need somewhere to store away all your gardening gear. The garden shed set includes four peg rails in two sizes so you can hang up your rake and brush or attach a long metal shelf for planting seeds in pots or tending to individual plants. Keep your gloves, pruning shears and other small gardening tools in a pocket wall organizer or wicker basket tray. That takes care of all your outside organizational needs as well as the inside of your home.