All Bath Furniture and Mirrors

Organization is key in every part of your home, but in the bathroom it can be absolutely paramount, especially when it comes to getting ready in the morning. If you have a small bathroom with little or no room for storage, perhaps it’s time for a furniture upgrade so that you can store all of your bath accessories, toiletries and needed items within arms’ reach. Mirrors are also especially important and functional in a bathroom. While beautiful mirrors offer pleasant decor to start your day the right way, they also provide you with a space to apply makeup, shave, check your look and essentially get ready for the day. All bath furniture and mirrors from Pottery Barn allow you to simplify your life while beautifying your space.

If you have a single sink in your bathroom, choose a new console that offers you a wealth of room while adding to the room. Consider a console with a solid birch frame construction that allows for years of use. Topped with Pietra Cardosa stone, this highly attractive console also offers you three drawers and a shelf of storage space to store all of your needed items. Keep makeup, toiletries, towels and hair accessories handy.

There are many more choices when it comes to adding new bath furniture or a single sink console to your bathroom. For larger spaces, consider a wide sink console, offering you six drawers of space, expansive shelving underneath, and a large countertop for a seamless morning routine. Available in white or gray to suit any existing decor, this console is also available in a smaller size for smaller spaces, and a mini size for the smallest of bathrooms that need a tad of extra space. Those who already have an expansive bathroom but need to maximize their space may appreciate a double sink console. Done in the same style as single consoles, this type of console offers a wealth of space with room for two separate sinks. Other double consoles are available in different sizes and colors, such as a smooth espresso or a muted gray. Wax pine finish styles are also available for both double and single sinks, offering a rustic look for any type of modern bathroom. Homeowners who are good at do-it-yourself projects and want to choose their own bath faucets and fixtures may be interested in a Build Your Own Sink option. Choose from different console components to build your own sink from scratch.

After your sink and console is installed, it’s time to warm your bathroom up with some decorative accents, and the first installation should be an attractive wall mirror. Choose from a wealth of different styles to find one that suits your particular needs. A rectangular mirror works well above a large single or an expansive double sink console, offering you plenty of room to check your look in the morning or any other time of day. Round mirrors offer a contemporary look and give you ample viewing space. A double-wide mirror takes up the majority of the wall’s space, allowing you to see your reflection crystal clear from side to side. A perfect touch for a larger bathroom, place this mirror perpendicular to a bathroom’s window to enjoy the sun coming up as you get ready in the morning. If you have room for a vanity in your bathroom, a contemporary vanity mirror offers you three separate mirror views, and those with D.I.Y. skills may prefer to install a medicine cabinet with included mirror above a sink console or vanity. Decorative frameless mirrors also work well in a bathroom, offering functionality while adding to the room’s decor.