Organic Bath Linens

Whether you’re just beginning the morning and are getting ready for work or an adventure or taking a relaxing bath as the last thing you do at night right before bed, having the right bath towels at your disposal is imperative. Soft, luxurious towels can make all the difference during your fast-paced morning routine, giving you moments of relaxing comfort or as part of your relaxation techniques just prior to bed. With myriad color choices that easily complement the existing decor of your bathroom, at Pottery Barn we offer you many different choices when it comes to your bath. From organic bath linens to high thread counts for durability, you’re sure to find a towel that makes your day a little brighter.

Not only is buying organic eco-friendly, organic bath towels are soft, supple and built to last for many years. If you’re wondering what particularly makes material organic, such as the cotton in your towels, it means that the cotton was made and grown with no modifiers or pesticides. When you shop with us, it also means that the cotton was harvested in a fair trade environment, where workers are treated fairly for their services. Organic cotton is also harvested with no artificial chemicals or means. When you combine environmentally friendly with soft and durable, you have the perfect bath towel. Shop colors and styles meant to enliven your bath. Look for plain white towels with colored stripes to add a small pop of color or look for patterned, bright towels that wake up the entire room in a bold manner. You can also choose from solid colors, available in an array of different shades, such as truffle, mist, white and opal.

When it comes to material, thread and gram count are also important when you’re shopping towels. Heavier weights, such as 600 gram, are a terrific weight for durability yet not too heavy against the skin. If you wash and dry your towels often, higher weights also withstand machine washing well. For complete luxury against your skin, you may want to consider sculpted organic towels. Not only are these soft and cozy after every bath or shower but they also dry rapidly because of their sculpted design. When shopping bath towels, consider your options for guest towels, hand towels and washcloths as well. As many of our styles and colors are available throughout different shops, you can coordinate and complement your bath linens for that ideal match or contrast for a sharper look.