Striped and Patterned Bath Towels

It’s extremely easy to inject bold colors and energy into your bathroom when you choose the striped and patterned bath towels we have available at Pottery Barn. Whether you have an expansive bath space with energizing bath and shower space or are furnishing a small and calming powder room, these towels will add a delightful air of comfort to your bathrooms.

Imagine the simple process of coordinating striped or other patterned towels with other bathroom features. The bright colors of these towels will mesh beautifully with bath rugs, helping you create a distinctive and restorative space for your family. From bright and bold to more subdued, there’s a color palette to fit every style.

You can even carry your bathroom decor to the shower with eye-catching shower curtains. Available in a myriad of different prints and patterns, these curtains complement your unique style to infuse your personality into your space. Anyone with a sailing theme in the bathroom is sure to appreciate the fun anchor prints available in both towels and shower curtains.

As your family enjoys the soft and luxurious plushness of our bath towels, they will be sure to reach for them regularly in the bathroom. It’s helpful to have roomy wastebaskets and hampers in place to catch and hold laundry and other discarded items. Matching wastebaskets and hampers are a beautiful addition to any room, and these sizable and durable containers are ideal for holding a generous amount of laundry or trash.

Stowing plush and thirsty bath towels into bath floor storage and cabinets keeps all your linens within easy reach for your family. Whether you choose a closet or tower with open shelving or cupboards and drawers, everyone is sure to appreciate having these soft towels ready and waiting for them when they step out of the bath or shower. If you need more storage for towels, consider distinctive baskets with lids. These functional and appealing containers are large enough to sit on their own in a corner of the bathroom, serving beautifully as a spot for extra towels and bath linens.

Just because towels are a utilitarian feature of the bathroom doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be stylish and decorative. There’s something so comforting about grabbing a towel and feeling the soft and luxurious fabric against your skin. The feeling of pampering may last far into the day when you choose these thick towels for your bathroom. Coordinating these linens with your other bathroom features promises to be a delightful process as well.