Bath Floor Storage

Bathroom storage solutions help you keep linens and essentials organized so you always know where to find the tools you need. At Pottery Barn, we offer a wide range of bath floor storage to complement cabinets and take your storage to the next level. Ladder floor storage is a terrific way to add extra shelving while also adding a fun style element that increases the aesthetic of your bathroom. If you are short on space, opt for a tall cabinet that maximizes storage while also taking up just a small amount of floor space.

Make laundry day that much easier by adding hampers to your bathroom to collect your dirty items right when you remove them to rinse off. Our hampers keep your laundry out of sight and add an attractive feature to the bathroom. You can even use hampers with lids to conceal extra bath linens and keep the space looking neat and organized. Opt for a hamper with dividers to keep your pieces separated or choose a portable hamper that makes transport to the laundry room quick and easy. Choose from woven and canvas designs to suit your style needs.

Our baskets and bins make the ideal floor storage options and can be placed strategically around your bathroom for a terrific aesthetic and maximum functionality. Our bins and baskets are available in a wide range of materials from galvanized metal and woven fibers to canvas and wire for the perfect fit in your bathroom. Opt for a rolling basket to store heavy items and easily move them around the bathroom without using much energy. Choose bins in traditional shapes, such as round and square, or add a bold aesthetic with angled-, barrel- and geometric-shaped baskets. Our bins and baskets are available in light and dark fabrics, making them ideal to pair with bath towels and bathroom furniture for a cohesive look.

Pair your bath floor storage with shelves that can increase storage and style. Add a shelf to a corner to add surface space without taking up valuable floor space for your bins and baskets. Use shelves to store countertop essentials, such as bathroom canisters and trays, which can hold toothbrushes as well as small jewelry pieces that you don’t want to get wet in the shower. Wall shelves offer a place to keep smaller items and your day-to-day essentials without taking up valuable floor space in smaller rooms. Match shelves to floor storage for a cohesive look or create a bold statement with contrasting patterns and wood finishes.

Our bath floor storage consists largely of bathroom furniture including storage stools, cabinets and hutches. If your bathroom doesn’t feature built-in storage, increase functionality with floor-standing shelves, spacious cabinets and closets. Closets are a terrific way to store clothes as well as towels and extra bed linens neatly. Storage stools offer the perfect spot for extra toilet tissue, and you can pair it with a basket or bin for a striking appearance. Opt for a combination cabinet and hutch for covered drawer space and open shelving that you can use to display fancy perfume and cologne bottles or a luxurious look.

Use sink consoles to maximize floor storage space by placing bins underneath open designs or using covered shelving to store towels and cleaning products. For large bathrooms, opt for a double sink console that creates space for you and your loved ones to get ready at the same time. For smaller spaces, opt for single sink consoles or choose a basic metal and glass console that reflects light and makes the space appear larger than it is. Match baskets and bins to your console to create rustic or contemporary designs that will put a smile on your face every time you step inside the bathroom.