Wall Cabinets and Shelves

Wall cabinets and shelves can turn a bathroom or laundry room into a neat and tidy space. Wall storage units can be hung where they fit best. Some have open shelving with intricate details. Others have a combination of shelves and doors that close for storage.

Bathroom medicine cabinets hold smaller toiletry items and necessities like toothpaste, medications, razors and deodorant. A handy mirror on the front gives you the opportunity to double check that your mascara is applied correctly or that you rinsed off all of your shaving cream. Wall sconces hung on either side of the medicine cabinet provide extra lighting for grooming and primping. The sconces come in varying shapes including cylinders, globes and shades. For high ceilings, you might prefer to hang double or triple lights over the medicine cabinet. Sconces are a wonderful way to add light to the room in a decorative way.

Cabinets with open shelves in a cube shape from Pottery Barn look great with matching baskets or bins tucked into the shelves to serve as drawers. They fit neatly in the cubes. Store bathroom essentials in woven baskets or durable galvanized tins. Just pull out the one you need and carry it with you. You can fold color-coordinated bath towels and place them on the open shelves too. Stack them in rows with colors that blend into the color scheme.

Cabinets with a combination of enclosed storage space and open shelving are the best of both worlds. Keep the items you don’t want visible behind the cabinet door and tucked out of sight. The things you do want out in the open like potpourri and candles can be displayed on the shelves. Flameless candles are safe to use and add some ambience to the room. With just a click of a button, you can have soft lighting for relaxing in a bubble bath. No lighter or book of matches is needed. Black crocodile or gold leaf candles are elegant even when they aren’t illuminated. Group several together in varying sizes to add some dimension.

Open shelves work well in a bathroom, laundry room or really any room in your home. In a den or living room, the shelves can hold books and decorative bookends. Earthy geode bookends are extraordinary and worthy of being shown off. Stack a few of the classic novels and place a Buddha statue or piece of coral on top of them. Buddha might bring a little Zen to the room and coral adds a calm, beachy vibe. These bookends and decorative pieces make great conversation starters. In a laundry room, the shelves take on a very practical purpose. You can store clothes detergent, bleach, fabric softener and other cleaning supplies within easy reach.

A complete laundry set will keep the laundry room organized. Made of mango wood, the rail-and-peg design is great for hanging items overhead. It also offers shelving, a canvas hamper that you can hang and a convenient drying rack. The hamper can also be monogrammed. Consider hanging artwork in your laundry room. Inspirational sayings or sketches of exotic places can make doing laundry a very pleasant experience. While switching the clothes from the washer to the dryer or when folding clothes, you can glance up and envision tropical travels or read motivating sayings.

A laundry hamper can keep clothes stowed away until it’s time to do the wash. Removable liners can be washed to stay fresh and clean. Choose from beautiful woven basket designs with lids, hampers on wheels, sturdy wire hampers or old-school open laundry baskets. Doing laundry just moved up a notch.