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One of the main focal points in your bathroom is the sink console. Pottery Barn has both single and double sink consoles, so you can find the size and style that best suits your space and specific tastes. We offer classic models with multiple drawers for your soaps and makeup items, and bottom shelves that can accommodate all of your hair styling tools. Corner consoles are on the list as well. White, gray and espresso are popular colors when it comes to our bathroom consoles, but we also feature black and original wood pieces that are just as attractive.

When choosing the sink console that’s perfect for your particular bathroom, perhaps the first factor to consider is how much space is available. For smaller bathrooms and half baths, a single sink mini console with limited counter space fits nicely in tight spaces. Though small, they are still made to accommodate your bathroom essentials, with two to three drawers, shelf and cabinet door options for you to choose from. To make up for any missing storage space, take advantage of your vertical space with a bathroom storage unit or two. Metal, glass and wood shelving units that complement the style and material of your sink mount on the wall or tower above the commode to take care of towels, toiletries and trinkets needed on hand. You might also like the sleek look of a corner sink in your small bathroom, which is also a handy addition to an outdoor patio area, rec room or home bar.

For bathrooms with a little more space, choose between a single sink with either standard or wide counter space. Our asymmetric sink consoles situate your sink on one side with plenty of counter space on the other, while a regular configuration puts your sink squarely in the middle with equal counter space on either side. Add a bath mirror and wall cabinet above or next to your sink, either mounted to the wall or recessed to be flush with your wall.

When bathroom space is not at a premium, a double sink is a wonderful choice, especially for couples who share a bathroom and when the family’s morning and bedtime routines call for multiple sets teeth being brushed and hair being combed at the same time. Double sink consoles have plenty of drawer, shelf and cabinet space for washcloths, hairdryers, shaving supplies and the like as well as give you generous counter space in between the sinks for soaps, toothbrushes and hand mirrors. Even if your bathroom space is a little limited, you can still have the luxury of a double sink console with a Piedmont or Apothecary double sink that leave a smaller footprint with the same advantages of two sinks.

Once you’re set on the size of sink that best fits your bathroom space, enjoy choosing between the materials, colors and styles of sink consoles. We offer bases made of reclaimed pine, solid poplar, ash with oak veneer, birch and MDF for when wood suits your fancy best. For a crisp, clean look to your bathroom console, choose iron tubing with a chrome finish or beautifully stain-resistant stainless-steel. Top your base off with Carrara marble, Pietra Cardosa Italian slate, St. Francis limestone or white porcelain, all of which are as durable as they are aesthetically pleasing. Finish off the look with your choice of drawer pulls and door knobs made of various attractive and durable materials such as polished brass and nickel. In front of your sink console, give your feet a comfortable landing and keep your floor nice and dry with a set of bath mats.

If you’d like a little extra help choosing the sink console that is just right for your needs, take advantage of our Build Your Own tool that allows you to create your personalized custom sink with a choice of bases, tops and hardware in our Classic collection. Mix drawers with shelves, asymmetrical tops with sink basins and so on until you get just the bathroom sink you desire.