Tote bags can go anywhere you go. They make it possible to carry beach supplies, pool items, artwork and homework or you can use it as a weekender. The totes we have at Pottery Barn are classic in design. Canvas prints hold wet or dry things and clean easily by wiping it off with a cloth. A zippered closure keeps everything secure. You can personalize these 100 percent cotton totes with monogramming. It is machine-washable, so they are very easy to maintain. The straps make it simple to take with you wherever you go.

If you’re heading to the beach, lake or pool, you also need to have at least one beach towel with you for lounging and drying off. Towels we have with bold stripe patterns are reversible and can also be monogrammed. Nautical prints with lobsters, seashells or anchors are sure to get you noticed. Alternatively, you might prefer a plush towel in a subtle solid color. Roll the towel up, toss it in the tote with some sunscreen and sunglasses, and you’ll be in beach mode.

Use the tote for overnight trips or weekenders. Add pajamas, a change of clothes and a toiletry kit to cover all your necessities. The zippered kits or pouches can store your toothpaste, toothbrush, cosmetics, perfume or cologne and whatever else you think is essential. They come in assorted sizes and colors to accommodate your necessities. Keep a small one for quick trips and a larger one for extended stays and vacations.

You can use a tote monogrammed with your pet’s name for its trips to the kennel, pet sitter’s home or visits at a relative’s home. Store pet accessories like toys, bowls, food, blankets and beds in the tote. Throw in an extra treat or two for it as well. The tote can be stored in a closet or drawer when not in use.

You might want to have a tote with ready supplies in your trunk. Keep it by your first aid kit as another important car accessory. In your tote, put a blanket or throw, which comes in handy when temperatures drop on a road trip or someone needs a nap. Keep a variety of snacks in your tote as well. Crackers and cookies will be a welcome treat when hunger pangs hit when you are traveling. Stow away some tissues and bottled water so you won’t have to search for a store to buy these essentials that are necessities on long road trips.