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What is a Duvet Cover?

Duvet covers sound pretty fancy, but when you think about it, it's the most basic bedding of all. The duvet cover, if machine washable, can be removed, washed, then put back on at your leisure, which is easier on your washer (you're laundering a large sheet instead of an entire comforter) and you can make your bed in a flash. Here are some helpful tips to inspire the perfect duvet match for your bedroom.


When matching a duvet cover to its fill comforter, you want it as neat as possible. For example, don't try using a king duvet with a full/queen comforter. Yes, the duvet fill will go inside, but when the size is off, it will make the whole bed look sloppy. Same applies to your pillow and sheets. You only need a fitted sheet when using a duvet, so make sure it's the right match for your bed.


You have two things to consider for the fabric of your duvet:

1) The material - how you want your fabric to feel.

2) The texture - what cushion do you want for your duvet.

By creating your bedding piece by piece, you're giving yourself a customized experience. If you want something soft to the touch, an Egyptian cotton blend or bamboo is an excellent choice for that luxury hotel experience. If you have extreme seasons, try sateen for the summer and flannel for the winter.

Colors and Prints

Once you find the right comforter fill for your duvet cover, have a ball with extra duvets. It's a great way to inspire decorative changes to your room - it all begins with the bedding after all. If you like to decorate based on your mood, have a natural duvet like a quilt, or a solid white, brown, or gray. Then bring out a unique choice like a paisley duvet, plaid, floral duvet or animal print for those days you're feeling saucy.

Different covers and sizes can mix with different pillows, so just because you have a standard duvet, doesn't mean you can't jazz it up with a crazy pillow and decorative pieces with gold trim. A 3-piece bedding set comes with two pillow shams, but you don't have to limit yourself to the sham in the set. Choose a fun pillow cover if you'd like to break away from the standard pillow options. Try a euro pillow (often a 26x26) for a slightly different shape.

Worth the Spend?

Duvet covers tend to be a bit pricier than normal comforters or quilts. This is because they are easy to wash and are versatile in function. You can sleep with just the duvet when the weather is extremely hot or switch out to a heavier fill as the weather cools down. This avoids the necessity of too many pieces of bedding on your bed. It is worth the investment!