Solid Duvets & Shams

When it comes to your bedding, maybe you prefer a crisp, clean, tranquil surface to sink into at the end of a busy day. Pottery Barn’s solid duvets and shams are smooth and imbued with a monochromatic calm that’s ideal for any bedroom. Whether you want something neutral to balance out prints and patterns in other parts of the room or you simply like keeping your bedroom as simple and serene as possible, our solid duvets and shams provide that right fit. Available in a variety of different colors, including bright whites and deep blues, you can find exactly the match for your particular style and preferences.

Bedroom decor doesn’t have to be complicated to be enjoyable. Sometimes, simple approaches are the most beautiful, and our solid-color bedding is a great way to embrace that simplicity. Choose the fabric that works well for you. The top layer of your bed may not be the layer that you have the most direct contact with, but it’s still important to consider texture not only for your comfort but also for the aesthetic aspects of the room. We have solid duvets in a variety of fabrics and textures, including Belgian flax linen, sateen organic cotton and plush matelassé. Texture is a great way to add interest to a solid color, so don’t hesitate to pick something unusual.

With a solid top layer, you can choose other bedding pieces to match or contrast with your duvet and sham choice. For example, if you choose a solid white duvet cover and shams, consider picking out a bright color for your bed skirt to add a subtle accent to your bed. You can also keep things uniform by selecting the same color and shade for all your bedding, or go for a monochrome effect by selecting different shades of the same color, such as solid navy on top, royal blue in the middle and sky blue on the bottom.

Patterned sheets also go well with a solid duvet and sham set. You can choose a duvet that picks up a specific color from your favorite patterned sheets to keep things cohesive. If you want to go with all solid colors, select a matching color for your sheets or opt for a slight contrast. Some of our solid white duvet covers have a small amount of colorful accent embroidery, and you can select one of these choices to go with sheets that match the embroidery color. This makes your bed look both well put together and invitingly calm.