Appetizer & Salad Plates

When it comes to making sure appetizers are presented with plenty of wow factor, finding the right plate goes a long way. At Pottery Barn, there’s a range of appetizer and salad plates for every occasion. For those who want to ensure the food pops, bright colors are an excellent option. Acting as vibrant backdrops, they make even the simplest of dishes look astounding. In contrast, a plain plate is versatile enough for use on any occasion. In the course of creating the perfect setting, try not to neglect the bowls. With the range available, it’s possible to create a custom set that’s admirable.

Serving meaty dishes is sometimes a messy business when those juices are flowing. As such, it’s worth considering appetizer and salad plates with a slight lip. Without obscuring the view of the food, they add extra protection against unexpected spillages. In contrast, those who want to show dishes off in all their glory should forgo the lip, especially when they’re not as likely to spill. With a clear view, it’s possible to show masterful creations off in all their glory. When it comes to presenting larger dishes or hors d’oeuvres, serving platters are essential. For a rustic look, try one that’s wooden.

For those who prefer to take a cosmopolitan approach to their dining experience, it’s difficult to resist an amuse bouche. When they’re replacing a more traditional appetizer, rectangular plates go a long way towards showing off their presentation. Designed to present a small selection of tantalizing dishes, these plates are an excellent choice for those who prefer cosmopolitan designs. Find one that’s large enough, and it’s still possible to use them for day-to-day appetizers, too. In the name of continuing a modern theme, try some of the quirkier serving accessories available. Whether it’s a themed gravy boat or a serving bowl that glistens, each goes a long way towards ensuring a dinner party’s décor is memorable.

When it comes to ensuring appetizers stay warm, the trick lies with picking the right plate material. Although all have their benefits, ceramic is a step ahead of the game in terms of retaining heat. With the use of a ceramic plate, it’s possible to ensure dishes don’t lose heat and flavor during the journey from the oven to the dining table. As a material that’s durable and easy to clean, it’s ideal for those who don’t like the idea of spending hours scrubbing once the party’s over. If the party is taking place outside, consider using outdoor dinnerware instead. Featuring materials that are less likely to chip if they’re knocked over, these plates are just as attractive, but extra practical.

If a dinner party falls during a holiday season, setting the right theme is essential. As there’s a range of themed appetizer and salad plates available, doing so is easy. To ensure the theme is obvious, each one features an identifiable character or emblem. Turkeys at Thanksgiving and pumpkins at Halloween, for example. Those who don’t like obvious nods to themes can benefit by choosing certain patterns and colors, such as gold and red over the festive period. Continue the color scheme or patterning by selecting runners and tablecloths that match.

To many, salads are an essential part of any dinner. For those that like to pay attention to etiquette, choosing the right salad plate is essential. When it comes to choosing one that’s ideal for everyday use, opt for porcelain. As it’s durable enough for a dishwasher or heavy cleaning, it’s a material that’s great for using frequently. Alternatively, if aesthetic appeal and occasional use are prime factors, try china. As a material that has an undeniable sheen and a refined edge, china is great for formal affairs. Continue the sophisticated look with crystal wine glasses from the glassware selection.