Placemats & Charger Plates

When you host a dinner party or a special-occasion meal, it’s natural to want everything in your home to be at its best. Perhaps you add some extra decor to your entryway or plan a particularly sumptuous meal. You may even choose to use your finest dinnerware to help set the mood. But placing those lovely plates and bowls on a plain table doesn’t fully do them justice. This is where placemats & charger plates come in. From gleaming metallics to refined yet rustic wood and everything in between, Pottery Barn’s selection of placemats and chargers lets you set your table just right for any occasion, whether it’s an extra special family meal or a formal gathering for your closest colleagues.

Setting a table is about much more than just getting your silverware lined up in the proper order and stacking your table settings just so. Extra embellishments help you add additional pops of color and textural variety to make your dinner presentation as luxurious and elegant as you would find in the world’s most hospitable fine dining establishments. But placemats and chargers are good for more than just decoration; they help protect your table and whatever linens you place on top of the table. If you have an heirloom lace tablecloth that was painstakingly crocheted by your dearly beloved grandmother, for example, it makes sense to show it off and keep it protected at the same time. Placemats and charger plates allow you to do just that while keeping your table sleek and chic.

From formal dining table arrangements to casual family breakfast tables, charger plates and placemats are an excellent dining accessory that balance form and function perfectly, providing both decor and protection from spills and drips. Though charger plates tend to be seen most often on formal dining tables, you can incorporate these large base plates into your daily routine as an alternative or addition to placemats and tablecloths. The charger plate isn’t intended for you to eat directly off of; instead, chargers act as a tray of sorts for your dinnerware.

You’ll find that most chargers are just a bit larger than the average dinner plate, allowing you to create a stack of appetizer, salad and dinner plates in order from smallest on top to largest on the bottom to rest on top of the charger. Chargers are also useful for pasta, soups and other dishes served in bowls. They’re an especially good accompaniment for soups, which even the most careful and mannerly diners are likely to spill a bit as the spoon makes its way from the bowl to the mouth.

No matter what your dining room decor style is, we have chargers and placemats to suit. If you have more of a casual, modern approach to decor and entertaining, we have placemats & charger plates in elegant yet approachable materials such as hand-carved wood, woven rattan, striped linen/cotton and textured ramine fiber, meaning you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to selecting the perfect fit for your home. For more classically formal tastes, we offer everything from crisp white linen placemats to silver-plated chargers with elegant detailing that recalls a bygone era of luxury and hospitality.

Our offerings in this product category make it easy for you to entertain with grace and enhance your daily meals while also protecting your table and linens. From Thanksgiving dinner to a summer seafood feast, you can assemble a collection of dining accessories to complete a polished table presentation at any time of year. With options that are both seasonal and timeless, you’ll have the ability to introduce variety and elegance at the same time.