Tablecloths & Table Runners

As your kitchen dining table is one of the focal points of your dining area, adding decoration such as tablecloths and table runners to it brings a sense of warmth and joy to the room, especially during a special occasion or celebration. Not just for providing an upgrade to your table’s decor, tablecloths and table runners are also functional, allowing you to place foods on the table’s surface without risk of harm as well as protecting your table from spills and scratches. A myriad of different runners and tablecloths are available to suit your needs for any occasion, whether it’s just for everyday dinner or your Thanksgiving celebration.

When it comes to table linens, you definitely need a set that’s ideal for everyday use. For table runners, consider a Belgian flax linen hemstitch table runner. Available in a variety of colors, this table runner is made of durable, yet luxurious Belgian flax and is designed to stand up to everyday use. Add boldness to your table with a splash of bright blue or red, and add matching napkins to polish off the look. Machine-washable, these table runners are easy to clean and take care of. Another terrific choice for every day is the Nubby table runner. Available in a neutral beige to suit any existing color palette, this textured runner is woven by hand and has a hemp and ramie construction. Perfect for casual events, easily clean this runner by wiping it with a damp cloth.

When you want full coverage for your table but also desire something decorative and elegant, opt for a delightful tablecloth from Pottery Barn. For example, consider a decorative tablecloth made of 100 percent chambray with beautiful embroidered accents. The warm colors are easily part of an autumn or Thanksgiving theme, yet are neutral enough to use all year round. This classic tablecloth is machine-washable, allowing for easy cleanup and care, especially after a big party. Another great option for a full tablecloth is the Ronan plaid tablecloth. Again, versatile enough for an entire year’s use, you are also able to use this warm, deeply colored tablecloth seasonally as part of your holiday entertaining repertoire. Made of 100 percent acrylic, this tablecloth is easy to maintain and clean.

For a premium table runner with a color and style for everyday use, opt for a grainsack runner. This woven linen and cotton blend runner brings shabby chic and a rustic flair to your table, and is perfect for your next cocktail party or get-together. Two dark stripes contrast against a beige background, working well against any wood styles or existing colors. For an everyday table runner with a bit of a bolder look, consider styles such as the Alpine Toile table runner. A splashy red and white pattern definitely adds brightness and joy to your kitchen table. As with many others, this table runner is machine washable for easy care.

When it comes to the holidays, it’s always satisfying to have holiday-themed table runners and tablecloths to help protect your table during big occasions, and also to add a decorative seasonal flair. Look for Halloween themes, such as a dark black table runner with white dancing skeletons, bringing a playful look to your centerpiece. For patriotic holidays, consider an American flag table runner, and pair matching linen napkins to show your pride. Decorating for Christmas is always a festive affair. Look for table runners, tablecloths and other linens that help dress your table up. A simple table runner with the words “Fa La La” in cursive is sure to be a big hit, while a spirited holiday table runner sports a reindeer pattern. Simple red or green table runners also work well to bring home the Christmas spirit.