Valentines Day Dinnerware for Fun and Romance

Make this Valentine's Day one to cherish with details that show your love and care. Whether you're planning a night at home for two or a dinner party to celebrate the love all around you, Valentines Day dinnerware helps set whatever mood the evening requires. Select from red, pink and white for a classic look or take the aesthetic to new heights with rose gold, crystal and fine glass, cake stands, incredible linens and more. This is a great time to indulge in the extra touches that make an evening special. Shop for Valentines Day dinnerware in time for the occasion or check out pieces you can use all year long.

Romantic, Yet Versatile Tabletop Looks

When planning a romantic meal, pick out Valentines Day dinnerware that creates a soft atmosphere and keeps the focus on delicious foods and the beauty of the environment.

Some people may love this day so much that your dinnerware is reserved for this day only--or perhaps you pull out the fine china, usually reserved for the most special occasions--but it's natural to want to get some versatility from your plates, too.

  • Choose floral patterns that are just as appropriate for use all spring and summer or at engagement parties, baby showers and other soft-toned events. Monique Lhuillier designs are perfect for their romance and continued use.
  • Look to rose gold to add a unique glimmer that gleams in the candlelight. A beverage holder is a wonderful way to include this shining metallic without going overboard. Let it become a signature piece for other parties next.
  • If you've been dreaming of a reason to refresh your serveware, this is it. Go for a few heart-shaped platters and bowls. Then, pair them with wooden elements for an earthier look or polished silver for a formal feel.

Making The Most of Bold Color

You may not have too many occasions to dress the table in all red. Valentines Day dinnerware in a carmine or cherry red makes a dramatic statement that you can enjoy during other holidays, like the Fourth of July or Christmas.

Browse Pottery Barn's Cambria collection for a show-stopping example of bright red dinnerware. Since the collection comes in plenty of other shades, you can mix-and-match to make the most of the opportunity.

Wine and Champagne Service

Wine or Champagne are a natural complement to Valentine's Day dinner. Be sure to have glasses on hand for whatever you choose to serve. White wine gets smaller glasses, while reds require the wide mouth of a bigger glass to impart their aromas properly. Champagne is always served in a flute.

Personalize your meal or cocktails after dinner with decorative glasses that include footed beverage glasses or traditional cocktail glasses. Placed next to your Valentines Day dinnerware, the combination is sure to enchant any guests you may invite to join you this year.