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An essential room in any home design layout is the bedroom. What makes this space so vital? A bedroom that embodies our personality has the power to affect mood, productivity, concentration and overall happiness. Rising from bed to a gentle ambience, bright and positive tones, soothing decor and inspiring colors can get anyone’s day off to a good start. Pottery Barn’s bedroom furniture is carefully made to accomplish just that. With warm and inviting tones, trendy shapes, exquisite comfort and a touch of sophistication, our pieces allow you to create a characteristic style that fits with the rest of the home’s personality. For an especially cheerful touch, adorn bedside tables with attractive flowers or a classy lamp.

Available models range from straightforward designs to rustic and invigorating to pieces that highlight an exquisite and intricate feel focused on sophisticated curves and cool tones. Notice the contrasting but equally beautiful forms provided by our popular Sumatra Bed – emanating a rich mahogany hue and simple, calming strokes – and the refined design, trendy color options and remarkable appearance of the Lorraine Tufted Tall Bed & Headboard. Both offer matchless quality and indescribable comfort, while tailoring a personal space to the atmosphere that each customer desires. Other particular touches can be added using distinctive wall art. In addition, many of our bedroom collections offer matching dressers, side tables, armoires and end-of-bed benches, which means that creating a harmonious style throughout the room need not be guesswork.