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Dining Table & Chair Sets

Choosing the right dining room furniture can be an enjoyable process thanks to Pottery Barn’s many different table and chair sets. From rustic-casual designs that are perfect for everyday family gatherings to traditionally formal arrangements that are right at home in the stateliest dining rooms, our table and chair sets give you the opportunity to set the tone for every gathering you host. Whether you’re looking for an intimate dining table for just a few people to sit around or a long banquet table that can accommodate many guests, we have a variety of different options that make it easy to create a cohesive grouping of the most essential furniture in your dining room.

You can choose from our sets or browse around our dining room collections as you brainstorm ideas and dream up the perfect dining configuration for your home. Consider the size of the room and how many people you tend to entertain at home. Then see which of our offerings best meet your entertaining needs while also catering to your sense of style and interior design priorities. With both modern-inspired and classically timeless designs on offer, you’ll have plenty of food for thought as you browse through our expandable dining tables and chairs.

Our expandable dining tables are versatile enough to allow you to toe the line between casual and formal as you see fit. While it can be nice to have a relaxed family gathering, there are times when it just feels right to get a little formal. Adding a crisp white tablecloth to one of our tables can allow you to bring a little formality to the room without making and major changes. Thanks to their attractive yet subdued style, our tables can easily make the transition from casual to formal and back again without much effort on your part. It’s all about picking out the right accessories.

When it comes to accessories for your dining table, don’t forget about centerpieces. The decorations you choose for your dining table can also help set the tone for the room, allowing you to transform your dining table and chair set whenever you want to. From elegant candle holders or lanterns to footed bowls that make the perfect container for floral or fruit displays, we have several different ways for you to accessorize your dining table set.

The way you set your table for dinner can also have a big impact on how formal your overall presentation feels to your guests and family. Thanks to our table and chair sets’ versatile design, you can choose anything from mismatched but color-coordinated plates for an eclectic, casual meal to your finest china plates for a formal holiday meal. It’ll all look wonderful when you accessorize well and take care with your place setting selections. You may also simply want to pick out a new set of dishes to complement your new table and help you mix up your ordinary approach to entertaining.

While our tables and chairs can look great against any kind of flooring, you may want to pick out a rug that’s the right size to fit under the table and chairs you choose. It’s best to pick a rug that’s large enough to give your guests some clearance as they back their chairs out from the table to stand up, so measure carefully and be generous with your proportions. If you plan to use your new dining table for a variety of different events and levels of formality, you may want to select a rug with a similarly neutral design. We have a large selection of rugs in a variety of different colors, shapes and patterns, allowing you to pick the perfect fit for your table from both a design and use perspective.