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Bedroom collections are a great help to you if you want to give your own private space a new look but need a little inspiration. With holistic styles for two or more furniture pieces for the bedroom, collections provide you with an ideal starting point for your project in terms of establishing a basic theme that you can build on. At Pottery Barn, we have an extensive selection of bedroom collections, each with a distinctive style and theme to suit a wide variety of taste and design preferences. Even if you are not redesigning your entire bedroom, replacing a bed, headboard or a bedside table is much easier if you choose from a collection in a similar style as those of your existing bedroom decor.

Browse through our offerings and you are sure to find one or more collections that works for your bedroom. Are you looking to add a rustic country theme to your sleep space? Look at our collections with earthy wood tones in vintage and antique styling such as canopy beds and ornate side tables and dressers. If you prefer modern designs, check out our bedroom collections that come with angular lines, firm mattresses, tufted headboards and furniture pieces with long tapered legs. For a homier and cozy atmosphere, you may want to look at contemporary designs that come with rich and plush mattresses on low-slung beds, headboards with rich upholstery and light-colored bedroom furniture pieces.

The primary materials in some collections also dictate the overall look of the furniture pieces. For example, one collection uses reclaimed wood from wooden pallets, which gives the furniture pieces a fine combination of rustic feel with modern styling. The mix of mango wood, white water-based paint and a Moroccan motif give another bedroom collection a Mediterranean feel that you can also choose to have in your room. Keep in mind that in collections that use wood such as oak, spruce and mango for beds, bedside tables and nightstands, the natural flow of the wood grain and knots ensures that you’ll have a unique furniture piece for your bedroom.

Additional features in the furniture pieces in our bedroom collections also give some of our offerings a distinguishing look. Most beds with extra storage have larger bases to make room for drawers. Apart from under-bed drawers, some of our offerings also feature headboards with cubbies where you can store your bedside books, laptop, meds or your alarm clock. Will your nightstand serve primarily as a decorative piece or do you need extra storage? Your answer to this question should also help you to decide between a minimalist bedside table or one with extra drawers and perhaps a mini cabinet.

Before you go on browsing our wide selection of bedroom collections, it would be a good idea to visualize the new layout that you want for your bedroom. This becomes especially important if you are purchasing two or more furniture pieces such as a bed together with dressers, or end-of-bed furniture such as an ottoman or bench. Once you have a rough layout in mind, measure the space where the bedroom furniture will go, making sure to factor in the extra space you need to move around and the space in between the furniture. Take the extra time to calculate the dimensions of the furniture from our bedroom collections that you have selected to ensure that they fit well into the space you have for them. This becomes especially important if you are purchasing larger furniture such as king or queen beds and extra wide dressers.

Since the bed is the largest bedroom furniture that you’ll be purchasing, take a careful look at its size. While our offerings come in standard sizes, check the design of the bed as some may come with wider or taller headboards, or wider bed frames. Note also that some bed frames have lower platforms, which require you to use a springboard mattress with it.