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Eco-Friendly Outdoor Furniture

Having a comfortable and elegant set of outdoor furniture is just one of the many ways you can show your love for nature at home. Thanks to Pottery Barn’s eco-friendly outdoor furniture options, you can enjoy the great outdoors while feeling confident that you’ve done your part to help protect the fresh air and green trees you love so much. Our eco-friendly outdoor furniture pieces are carefully crafted from sustainable materials such as responsibly harvested eucalyptus wood. Though these pieces have special attention paid to material sourcing and construction, they carry the same signature sophistication that we bring to all of our products.

We offer plenty of outdoor furniture options that provide durability and beautiful design along with a focus on sustainability and responsibility. Our Chatham outdoor collection features a range of different configurable pieces to let you build a luxurious outdoor lounge or dining area. Built with FSC-certified mahogany and eucalyptus, this sturdy, attractive collection features mix-and-match sectional pieces, ottomans, chaise lounges, benches, storage chests, dining tables, folding chairs and cushions. By choosing components from this and our other eco-friendly outdoor furniture collections, you can build your ideal outdoor oasis without having to worry about things like weather resistance and quality.

Once you have your outdoor furniture arrangement picked out, don’t forget to add some additional greenery to bring yourself even closer to the splendor of nature. Our outdoor planters provide a beautiful platform to allow you to create your own personal gardens and green spaces. You can even use some of our larger planters to grow your own fruits and vegetables using organic gardening practices to help deepen your connection and commitment to the environment. Whether you choose to grow purely ornamental greenery or include fruits, vegetables and flowers to harvest and bring indoors, a collection of outdoor planters and gardening containers makes a stunning companion to our furniture.

As our focus on providing sustainably sourced materials continues to deepen, we offer more products that can help you create an eco-friendly household. If you want to make sure that the things you put on your outdoor dining tables are as environmentally sound as possible, take a look at our range of recycled glass drinkware. With options including beautiful recycled glass pitchers and drinkware in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can serve up your organic cocktail concoctions in suitably sustainable glasses.

While mother nature likely provides you with a beautiful display in your outdoor space, even if it’s a candy-colored sunset sky above the urban jungle, it never hurts to add a little extra decor to make your outdoor furniture collection look more polished and pulled together. We have a variety of different options that allow you to shed some light on your space once the sun goes down or simply provide some dashes of texture and color to keep your outdoor arrangement looking good and feeling luxurious. Setting up some of our beautiful lanterns in your outdoor space provides both decoration and light that you can enjoy without using any electricity.

Whether you’re just starting to dip a toe into the pool of eco-friendly products or you’ve been cultivating responsibly produced homeware and furniture for years, we can help you honor this commitment in every part of your house. Our sustainably produced outdoor furniture is just one example of the many products we offer that use FSC-certified wood in their construction. From bedroom furniture and linens to decorative objects and impressive serving pieces made from recycled or sustainably harvested materials, we offer many different ways for you to bring elegantly designed and carefully crafted materials into your home. To learn more, visit our eco-friendly product guide.