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Hendrix Home Office Furniture

Furnishing a home office allows you to choose the setting and the tone that suits your individual needs. Add in some artwork, accessories and some new furniture and you'll be good to go. Whether you are starting fresh or renovating an existing space, make it exactly how you want it with some help from our collections at Pottery Barn.

Color, style and practicality are a few things to be considered. To begin, read through our suggested tips and ideas to help you make a checklist. You might be able to combine some of the old with some of the new if you already have a start.

Hendrix offers a collection of necessary workplace furniture that works well, looks good and is built to last. Smart technology desks have Smart strips with plugs for multiple devices, like a laptop, iPad or iPhone. Recessed electric cords stay hidden for an uncluttered, tidy look. Add a contoured desk lamp that fits the executive-style without taking up a lot of valuable desk space. Good lighting can ease eye strain that can result from lots of computer time.

To complete your desk ensemble, a comfortable office chair is a necessity. A desk chair must be supportive and easy to use. Swivel styles allow you to turn and move without having to get up and move your chair. High backs and soft cushions support long hours of sitting. Decorative chair cover options include leather, rattan, vinyl and fabric.

A filing cabinet is essential to keep paperwork organized and out of the way. Deep file drawers and utility drawers are sized to accommodate large or small folders and papers. Filing cabinets finished with a moisture resistant coating make a great place to put a plant on top to liven up the office. Beautifully designed, today's filing cabinets are a long shot from the old, industrial-looking metal ones that used to be common in offices.

Bookcases can be a versatile piece of furniture to add to your home office. Store books, other essential office supplies and personal trinkets in a convenient, easy-to-reach way. Matching baskets that fit securely on the shelves are a great way to organize small items.

Hang pictures and artwork that you love. A mirror can add dimension and make a space look bigger. By adding framed photos, memorabilia and some of your favorite things you can personalize your office and actually improve productivity.

You might find that your home office is your favorite room in the house, which can be motivating in itself. Place certificates, awards, trophies or important newspaper clippings nearby for extra inspiration. After all, this is your space.