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Ergonomic Home Office Furniture

Boost productivity and enjoy the health benefits of ergonomic office furniture designed for any home, whether you have a sprawling corner office or a small apartment nook. Take control of your comfort while working, with ergonomic desks designed to minimize stress and enhance your posture. Stay focused and reduce sitting-related issues such as back pain with a sit-stand desk that lets you adjust your position without missing a beat. Work as long as you want with sit-stand desks that can lower health risks such as high blood pressure and heart disease and increase mood and energy. Adjusting your sit-stand desk is a piece of cake, letting you alternate between the two in seconds so you can focus on the work at hand. Pick an electric adjustable desk for easiest adjustment or opt for simplicity and added style accents with a crank adjustment.

Build a healthy work environment by correctly choosing the right ergonomic desk for you. When selecting an ergonomic desk, make sure to keep height and arm position in mind. You should sit comfortably with your feet flat on the ground, knees bent at 90 degrees, and your arms comfortably near your waist when typing. If you are shorter, you may need to incorporate a small foot stool to ensure the proper sitting position. If you are taller, make sure to choose an adjustable ergonomic desk that can accommodate your height. Maximize the health benefits of your office desk with ergonomic desk chairs. When sitting at your desk chair, adjust it to the ideal arm position of a 90 degree angle when typing. The correct sized ergonomic desk chair can help to limit pain for sufferers of carpal tunnel.

Add design and style to your home office while focusing on health and posture with ergonomic home office equipment. Easily design a seamless office space right at home with collections for every style whether you’re into wood grain accents or simple one color patterns. Create a soothing and peaceful work environment with soft white hues and creamy textures with elegant collections. Or choose a woodsy feel with rustic collections so you can enjoy an outdoor vibe right inside your work space. For offices with bright lighting or sun exposure, opt for a matte finish to minimize glare. Quickly design a cohesive office with multiple pieces from the same collection for a unified look. Or, make your desk a statement piece by mixing and matching desks and bookshelves from different collections or with your existing office furniture. Get extra style points by accessorizing your desk with chairs, bookshelves and file cabinets from our extensive collections at Pottery Barn.