Gifts For Couples

Couples have a lot of beautiful occasions to celebrate together. So it’s no surprise that their friends and family like to get in on the action. Sharing their joy with a thoughtful present makes the couple happy; and the person giving too. It’s a way of telling them you’ll be right by their side anytime, and something that brings fond memories whenever they use your gift. At Pottery Barn, we have lots of possibilities for awesome presents for bridal showers, weddings and anniversaries. There are things that appeal to women, men, parents, friends and even for your spouse if the anniversary you’re remembering is your own. Need some inspiration? Check out a few fantastic ideas.

One thing that couples both need and love is breathtaking glassware. There are two reasons for that. First, couples who like to host parties enjoy having a full set of matching wine glasses – or cocktail glasses. That way they can entertain friends with a touch of elegance. Our distinctive glassware features little details that set pieces apart from one another, giving the couple a signature style that visitors notice and comment on right away. And when they’re in the mood for romance, gorgeous wine glasses take them to a cozy balcony in Tuscany where they can laugh and love under the moonlight.

Dinnerware is always welcome for the same reasons. It’s a way that couples establish their new identity together; something that wows guests and even makes meals look classier. So if you know your friends like to throw dinner parties, a set of vibrant dinnerware is a great gift. How can you be sure what style to look for? It’s not hard to pick out pieces for loved ones. Here are some tips.

First, decide whether you want to give the couple something especially formal or a set for laid-back, everyday use. All of our dinnerware is luxurious and spectacular, but there are differences in sophistication versus durability that caters to a couple’s lifestyle. For example, if they usually throw wine and cheese parties, then fine porcelain with intricate details fits in especially well with their personality. Or, if the groom is a wizard at the grill and the couple prefers a backyard soiree where you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, our restaurant-quality stoneware can stand up to unexpected bumps and scratches.

When looking for any gift for couples – from dinnerware to artwork – it’s also good to take into account the kind of decor they already have. That gives you an idea of the overall theme of their home. For example, some couples like rustic decor with reclaimed wood, hide rugs and warm lighting. Choose pieces that complement that style, such as stoneware in deep hues like oranges, reds or yellows. The same thing goes when the whole house is inspired by a tropical beach somewhere. Look for dinnerware, artwork, decorative pillows or outdoor furniture with bright colors and a cool ambience.

Decor is another great gift option. Many couples like artwork that adds layers of chic to their existing layout. That way their living room, home office, bedroom or dining room feels complete. So what should you look for? Things that fit their personality and interests. For a couple that adores the ocean, follow that theme with photographs, paintings or decorative objects. If you need more information about them, don’t forget to check their social media pages for topics they’re passionate about. It’s not hard to notice what gets them excited.

Practical gifts are also welcome. Things like supersoft bath towels make a big difference in their lives, which is one key to finding a great present. Every time they take a shower and feel exquisite softness drying off their skin, you can bet they appreciate your thoughtful gift. And since our towels are very absorbent and quick-drying, they’re great for people who have to get ready for work in a hurry. Intense colors bring the bathroom to life with shades of deep red, blue, green, gray and more. Or treat them to a spa experience in their own home with smooth bathrobes and slippers.