Live Wreaths

Make the most festive time of the year even more so with one or more of the live holiday wreaths we have available at Pottery Barn. These wreaths serve as a welcoming sight to guests, carolers and delivery personnel bringing holiday presents for your loved ones and friends to your doorstep. Choose from a number of different living options, including those featuring succulents, spring flowers and herbs like rosemary.

Adding wreaths to your doors is only the first step to creating a wondrous and memorable decorating scheme for your home during the holidays. If you are celebrating Christmas, you likely have a Christmas tree set up by your front window or in a spacious corner of your living room. If so, you want to adorn your familyʼs Christmas tree with all sorts of ornaments and tree decor. If you have small children or pets in the home, consider some of our felt ornaments that donʼt break if they tumble from the tree. If you are a pet lover, you can find ornaments that resemble cats, dogs, mice and birds. If you like more traditional ornaments, there are plenty of Santa Claus, reindeer and snowmen ornaments that you can use to dress up your tree. Traditional ornaments that make you feel nostalgic also look nice on any Christmas tree or display. Look for glass cloches that feature touching Christmas scenes or colored glass ball ornaments like the ones you remember from your own childhood.

To complete your Christmas tree decorations, you should also place a tree skirt that serves many purposes. Our tree skirts are not only decorative but they also protect your carpet or flooring from any tree needles that fall off while the tree is set up, making clean up much easier. They also make a nice backdrop for all of the presents you and your family have under the tree.

In addition to string lights, opt for some decorative garland to drape all around your tree. You have several options available, such as multi-color mercury garland that gives off a vintage feel or red and white ivory garland made of felt that adds some contrast to the muted colors of your Christmas tree. Garland with opal bubbles or glittery paper with script writing are also unique options. Finish your tree off with traditional tree toppers like angels and mirrored stars or something a little more fun like a glittery starfish or Santa hat and you have a Christmas tree that youʼll want to share on social media.