Decorative Christmas Lighting

Make decking the halls with boughs of holly more bright and joyful with a little bit of festive lighting. When you think of decorative Christmas lighting, you may often think of string lights or fairy lights, but there are many other lighting options that add an elegant yet festive touch to your Christmas decor. Choose a mixture of both indoor and outdoor lighting to turn your home into a holiday showplace during the winter. From sculptures to globes, Pottery Barn offers you a myriad of choices to light up your world during the holidays.

When it comes to tabletop and decor for areas such as mantels, think small yet lively. Small sculptures, such as LED-lit snow globes and festive glass trees, add a bright and joyful touch to your side or end tables or even to an entertainment center. Small, decorative lanterns also work well on tables or shelves in your entryway or foyer, adding an inviting, cheerful look as guests come into your home.

For larger decorations indoors, opt for a lit indoor sculpture, such as reindeer, to add some Christmas spirit to your living room or family room. Small trees also enhance the look of your main Christmas tree, adding a hint of natural green throughout the home. Many prelit trees are usable both indoors and outdoors, adding an inviting, cheerful feeling to your front stoop or a Christmas-like vibe beside your fireplace or in your hallway. Boxwood topiaries are excellent replicas of natural trees while boxwood garland also works well, should you want to decorate your walls. Faux berry and white trees are also an option. Choose trees that are small enough for a desktop or large enough to place in your living room. Faux pine trees are a Christmas staple and look lovely either indoors or outdoors, in an entryway or in any living space. Prelit options remove the hassle of lighting trees yourself, and they are incredibly easy to set up and use year after year.

Decorative wall hangings and wreaths are also an option. Prelit wreaths work well on the outside of your home, on your outer door or even above your fireplace. A faux wreath gives you the ability to use it year after year while a live wreath does add a special holiday touch and scent. Look for wreath-like wall hangings, such as snowflakes, candle spheres and prelit garland, which wake up both the outside and inside of your home. Consider wreaths with other holiday staples, such as pinecones, berries and holly to enliven your existing holiday decor. Garlands also look lovely with festive accents or simply make your own, such as a popcorn string craft, which would work well with prelit garland.

For decorations that are more suited for an outdoor space, opt for hanging decorations, such as lit wire orbs, which resemble snowflakes or snow globes. These look wonderful in your entryway or hanging from your front porch. Glitter snow angel sculptures are also a wonderful consideration, especially if you live in an area that sometimes has snow on the ground for the holidays. These white angels look lovely against a holiday backdrop. Match them with a glitter reindeer for a complete holiday ensemble. Outdoor wire sculptures also add a classic elegance to any holiday decorations. Choose shapes like a sleigh – which looks terrific with faux presents added to it – reindeer, star or hanging sphere. Hanging lit decorations also look festive on the side of a house. For example, the word “JOY” or “LOVE” as a prelit wire hanging element is a nice, simple decoration to brighten up the outside of your home and reflect the feelings of the holiday season.